Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Pentacles –

Knight of Pentacles
Stop looking for a fight at every turn. The world really isn’t out to get you. Stop allowing the frustrations of others to become personal attacks on you. It’s not always all about you! Sometimes it takes more courage to allow others to express their views, believe what they choose and dream as they may; even if those things don’t include you. Courage is not in the hands, it’s in the heart. Have the courage to be patient with others and especially with yourself.

Additional Insight:

Stop looking outside yourself for approval. If you believe you’re doing all you can to make things right, or change things for the better, then be content with that. You have nothing to prove to anyone, but yourself.

Allow others to express their frustrations and fears as they may without taking it to heart. You’re not the only one who has the right to let out your emotions or to feel angry about what’s going on around you. And that includes the negative self-talk you play in your head.

You can’t fight the battles at both ends. You can’t be everything to everyone around you. Yet you may have been operating under the assumption that you must be. That is an outlook that you’ve created for yourself, so any small thing that goes wrong is of course, your fault. Stop it! Stop taking on the responsibilities of others that aren’t yours to hold. Stop being accountable for everyone and everything. You don’t control the Universe, so stop trying to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. It really isn’t yours to hold up alone.

The duties of the Knight are to stand watchful for danger, not to go out looking for trouble. Their duty is to protect and guard, not to start battles or wars in the name of the entire kingdom. Watch over your personal domain and let the rest of the world take care of itself.

Be the knight that knows when to stand up with sword ready to protect those in need. And when to kneel to show compassion for one who has fallen and no longer has the strength to stand. Focus on your own piece of the world and do what you can when needed. But mostly of all, show compassion and care for those you’re charged to protect. No one can ask any more of you, than that.

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