The Spring’s Haven Divination House Journal #3

Planning The Divination House

The Inspiration For Our House

Planning Stages

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about the portable Divination House. The last post was back in August 2012 actually. But gathering ideas for the design and building have continued.

After talking to a few tiny house builders we have expanded our concepts for the design. How do you transport a ‘tree’ house to a renfare and provide yourself space to stay over the weekend to limit expenses? Doing that meant drastically redesigning the tree house and the more we thought and discussed what could and couldn’t be done; the more it looked like the tree wasn’t going to satisfy both needs. It’s one or the other, but not both.

That brought up the next idea. Using the tree house for business, and a portable tiny house for everything else. Double the expense. Oh boy. Well, that’s what dreams are all about. Having your cake and eating it too!

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been able to gather ideas for both structures and store them in a Tiny House Ideas board. I strongly resisted Pinterest for the longest time. I simply didn’t see the value in it. After doing some surfing and discovering how it can be used to gather ideas, I changed my mind.

I used to clip articles and pictures with design ideas out of magazines and store them folders or paste them in dream books. Ah things we did in our youth. Many of those books and folders are packed away somewhere, out of sight and out of mind. But on Pinterest, I can link to articles and save pictures to keep the information and ideas moving and swirling around. I like that. I’m big on putting energy into the things you dream about it. I believe it can help you make them come true.

I’ve long been a fan of Victorian design, in both house and decoration. One morning after perusing the Pinterest boards I came upon the most adorable tiny Victorian House. The outside design is perfect, though for our design it would be elongated a bit. It still keeps the idea moving forward.

Tiny Victorian House

Victoria’s Tiny Victorian Tea House

If you have a dream, consider pinning it to your own board on Pinterest. Keep it alive and feed it from time to time with a little research and new ideas. You never when the magik may manifest and deliver your dream into your hands.

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