A Prayer To The GreatSpirits for Divination

Before I pull a card, I have a little prayer I like to say asking the GreatSpirits for help. This is important for any Tarot Reader, whither you’re giving someone a reading, or pulling a card for yourself. As you say your prayer, you should visualize yourself in a clear white light, being protected by the Divine force in your life. You want to set a shield of protection and call in your guides, “God/Goddess” or whatever you feel connected to, for their help and assistance to divine the best and highest message possible.

Earth by Bill Frymier

Earth by Bill Frymier


GreatSpirits, creators of all that is,
Please bring to me the greatest force,
or forces possiblein this time and space,
to divine the highest message and most positive message
for this reading before me.
I send my thanks and deepest gratitude
for your love and guidance.
So it is.



I call on the GreatSpirits because this fits with my view of what the Divine is. You can certainly change that label to fit your view. Don’t be locked in to my words. Use your own and trust your own instincts.

I thought I’d share one of my prayers today, for those who may wish to use it, or who can use it as inspiration to create their own prayer for divination.


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