Help Us Help Others – Update

Help Us Grow Our Services
To Help Those In Need

Spring’s Haven Summer Campaign

Over the summer we held a fund raising campaign to Help Us Help Others in need. We began our campaign on August 3rd and it ran through to Samhain on October 31st. We focused on requests we received from people who are shut-in at home due to illness or tragedy, as well as, military personnel who are looking for someone to talk to and who holds the same spiritual beliefs.

We shared A Story of Hope and A Smile Can Help Someone Survive to share how our efforts will help those we have heard from.

Our campaign was a success and we couldn’t say Thank you enough to our sponsors for their generosity!. We raised enough to purchase 1 ipad and expand our services for digital face to face consultations and counseling. We couldn’t have done it without our wonderful friends who supported our effort!

After the campaign came managing the finances in two ways. Indiegogo takes their cut first. What you see on our ‘gogo’ page is what was donated, but not what we received. Second comes the IRS who wants their cut also.

At the same time, Apple introduced their iPad Mini! Which as it’s turning out maybe the best thing to happen for us after everyone else takes their cut. We asked our accountant to do a little research for us to ensure we’re meeting our tax obligation, but also taking advantage of all the tax breaks we may qualify for. Part of this effort has created a discussion between us and the powers that be who determine our operational status.

Once we have discovered our official operational designation, we’ll know what our final tax obligation is and what we have left of the campaign to acquire our digital equipment. We had hoped to have this finalized by December. But we’re still waiting for the bureaucracy to spin its wheels.

We are anxious to offer our new services. Stay tuned as we work out these final details! We will certainly be playing up the news big time!

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