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Population of Witches In U.S. Increases Dramatically

#PagansUnite Against Discrimination

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New Studies Find An Increase In Paganism

Data collected by the Pew Research Center and Trinity College in Connecticut show witchcraft and pre-Christian traditions have been revitalized and increased over the past few decades. The reports were shared in several articles between October and November 2018. Once such article appeared in Newsweek Magazine this past November.

That article notes the increase comes from Millennials leaving organized Abrahamic religions in favor of Pagan belief systems, notably Wicca.

Ok, I’m not going to mince words with the author. Those of us who are Pagan and have been Pagan know that Wicca is only one of a larger category of Pagan Traditions. But let’s give the guy a break, he appears to be new at this topic. Continue reading

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The Votes Are In – It’s Time For Compassion and Unity

Patriotic Wolf - Artist Unknown

Patriotic Wolf – Artist Unknown

Thank You For Your Patriotism America

Thank you to everyone who got out yesterday and voted. Who ever you voted for, your action was an expression of freedom that has been paid for by many who have come before us and many who have given life and limb so you could do so.

Now that the votes are in, it’s time to bury the anger and political rhetoric. We cannot be a United people, when some groups are being restricted, controlled, hated or ignored out of fear and ignorance. Doing so breeds contempt, distrust and hate. Acceptance creates peace, respect and inclusion. A United States born out of a desire to be free for all, not for a controlling few.

We light a candle today and ask the Divine Universe to guide the knowledge and compassion of our leaders, that they may guide their steps with wisdom and inclusion.  We hope our leaders walk a path of compromise for the good of all people, without fear, anger, or hatred. But rather in love and compassion for all. We hope that even though we may have our differences, we can all find common ground to share a smile, common respect and the return of civility once again.

Let It Be So –
~ Spring Wolf

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Religious Awareness In America

Patriotic Wolf - Artist UnknownThe Importance of Secular Government

of or pertaining to worldly things or to things that are not regarded as religious, spiritual, or sacred; temporal: secular interests.

There’s a lot of talk in the U.S. today about the founding fathers establishing our constitution based on Christian values and therefore America is a Christian Nation. Unfortunately this propaganda by religious zealots is false and not only breeds intolerance, it misrepresents the intent of the founding fathers or attempts to re-write American History.

I believe it’s important for all people to speak up and correct these misconceptions if our nation or any nation is to remain free. Many have given the ultimate price to ensure those freedoms and if their sacrifice is to remain meaningful, everyone must ensure the attempt to change history does not succeed.

Through some research I happened upon the following article that can explain the historical position of many of the founding fathers and their predecessors. Thanks to the author for allowing me to reprint their ever so well written article here. For more reading, check the resources provided by Mr. Walker at the end of this article.

A few definitions to help up front:

  • Deism:
    belief in the existence of a God on the evidence of reason and nature only, with rejection of supernatural revelation ( distinguished from theism).
  • Atheism:
    the doctrine or belief that there is no God, disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.

Little-Known U.S. Document Signed by President Adams Proclaims
America’s Government Is Secular
by Jim Walker

Some people today assert that the United States government came from Christian foundations. They argue that our political system represents a Christian ideal form of government and that Jefferson, Madison, et al, had simply expressed Christian values while framing the Constitution. If this proved true, then we should have a wealth of evidence to support it, yet just the opposite proves the case. Continue reading