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Happy Full Moon Friday the 13th!

The Full MoonMay The Day Bring You Blessings

It is said that wishing on a Full Moon is very magikal. Like any grand parent, she wants to spoil her daughter’s children.  While Mother Earth is asleep, Grand Mother Moon listens to our prayers and wishes to make our dreams come true.

And it is said that Friday the 13th is a day that brings good luck for transition and change. Breaking down barriers and overcoming struggle, it’s a day to let your magik shine.

Use the day, and especially the time after sunset to bring about Good Luck and positive energy that promotes the success for the change and transition you want most in your life.

Everyone here at Springwolf Reflections and Spring’s Haven wish you and yours many blessings on this special day that only comes around once in a very rare occasion. Enjoy the day and night with this full moon blessing: Continue reading


Lovely Visitors

20130817-001Little Babies!

We live in the country, so of course we have lots of wild visitors around our house. It’s important for people to remember that when they move into new areas, they are displacing habitat for wild animals. Be they raccoons, bears, deer or whatever.

Many people move to the country because of its beauty, quiet, and yes even its wild life. Then they get upset when those very things come to their “habitat” and eat the flowers, get into the horse grain or trash cans. Continue reading