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New Consultation Services

Wise Old WolfOther Services at Spring’s Haven

I’ve been asked recently if I offer psychometry servers. Yes I do. In our conversation the client asking the question wondered what other channeling or psychic abilities I work with that may not be offered in one of the product services at Spring’s Haven.

That got me thinking. We have Center Services and On-Line Services which are the mainstay for our center. They cover divination, healing and ministerial services. We’re a spiritual center so it seems that covers nearly everything. Right?

Evidently not. Continue reading

Skype Consultations Now Available

Divination, Healing & Counseling Consults

Divination, Healing & Counseling Consults with Skype

Spring’s Haven On-Line Services

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our On-Line Services to Skype.

What is Skype?  Skype is a software application that enables users to chat over the internet for free. If you have a computer you can share a conversation with another Skype member for free. The Skype software is free and available for both Mac and PC. For more information about Skype check out the available Skype Downloads.

Spring’s Haven offers online services through email, phone and now Skype consultations for divination, healing and spiritual/pastoral counseling. We also offer email consultations for our long distance healing sessions and we’re working out the details to provide Skype consults for those too.

We are reaching out to help make consultations easier and more accessible to anyone and everyone around the world. With Skype to Skype consultations you get the same communication through Skype audio (no video yet) with your counselor from the convenience of your own home.

Initially we are only offering Skype to Skype audio with plans to expand to video conferencing and Skype to land-line or cell phone consultations sometime within the next year. If you’d like to set up a person to person consultation, visit our On-line Services webpage.

All Consultations are private and strictly confidential.
Read More – What Is Spiritual Counseling/Psychology?

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The Ethics of Transparency

Our Weekly Analytics: The Help Us Help Other Fund

We want to keep our friends posted on the progress of our campaign and be transparent in our fundraising efforts. So we’ll be posting our Indiegogo Analytic Summary each week they are released during the campaign. This is the second report we’ve received and we’re ever so thankful for all the referrals we’ve received.

By leaving a comment or liking our campaign page, sharing it on FB, Twitter and Google+, you’re helping us to get noticed and featured on Indiegogo’s home page. Being seen by the world helps us tap into a much broader audience and increases our chances to meet our goal. So even if you can’t afford to give, you can help us greatly by spreading the word and sharing our page.

We are ever so thankful for the kind gifts we’ve received this week. Our fund is up to $200 today. Every little bit helps and we’re touched by the compassion from others.


Visitors 126
Views 134
Funders 10
Contributions $200
Favorites 15
Referrals* 257

Thank you again for your support!

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Running A Request For Help Is Emotional

Help Us Reach Our Goal
And Help Us Help Others
Earn a free personal reading from Springwolf!

Help Us Help Others

We received another donation this week and we wanted to say thank you to those who have helped us so far. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for your compassion and caring.

Even if you can’t help with financial support, you can help in other ways. By sharing our campaign page on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ you’re helping us to get recognized, and you’re helping us to get featured on Indiegogo’s home page! THAT would help GREATLY!

We offer consultation and counseling services for rape victims, women and families of abuse, and those in crisis. We have been asked to provide these services for those who are shut-ins from illness, tragedy or trauma, who are out of state, and for military personnel stationed around the U.S and overseas. Each of these requests are asking for help from people who believe in what they believe in and see the world through the same spiritual concepts and approaches as they do. Help Us Help Others is our campaign to fulfill that request, especially for our military men and women who give so much for those of us back home.

I wish we could say “we’re almost there”, but we’re a long way from it. With 74 Days left in our campaign we have only reached 1/10th of our goal. But we’re still going and ever so thankful for all the help we have gotten so far.

When I first researched this approach to funding our project I read several articles about the emotion that goes into these campaigns. Boy are they right in that. It’s hard to remember the campaign isn’t a reflection of the acceptance of an individual or a business or even an individual cause. But each time you check your campaign and see that a donation was made you get a sudden burst of excitement and joy. Consequently, when you check your campaign day after day and see no movement, you get discouraged and you think “no one likes me/us/what we’re doing”.  The sentence is different depending on the person you’re talking to.

Here’s where it gets hard being the boss of your own business. You can’t take things like this personally; at all. It’s business, nothing more. And you have to keep up a “brave” face for those who work with you, to keep them motivated and encouraged. Sometimes living the walk you talk isn’t easy, but it does get your though both the good and the bad times that everyone faces. No matter who you are, everyone needs a little pep talk now and then. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a pep talk.

Our campaign is simply trying to Help Us Help Others. Help us keep hope alive for shut-ins and the military who have requested our services for consultation and counseling on Skype & iPad’s Face to Face. Won’t you Help A Little To Help A Lot?

Whither you simply share our campaign page, or make a donation we really appreciate your support. And don’t forget if you can provide a monetary gift we do have something to give you as a thank you. Get a free personal reading from ME. Check our Perks page to learn about the different readings you can receive. You might even be able to receive a Face to Face tarot reading on our new technology!

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