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I’ve been asked recently if I offer psychometry servers. Yes I do. In our conversation the client asking the question wondered what other channeling or psychic abilities I work with that may not be offered in one of the product services at Spring’s Haven.

That got me thinking. We have Center Services and On-Line Services which are the mainstay for our center. They cover divination, healing and ministerial services. We’re a spiritual center so it seems that covers nearly everything. Right?

Evidently not.

My client just happens to be married to a Marketing counselor who sat me down and asked what do you know? Put your talents and abilities in a list. Ok. I did that. We then compared the list to the products we offer and many of the ‘talents’ are not utilized in the services. Additionally he pointed out that no where on our site, or here on my blog do we list personalized services based on talents and abilities. A resume of sorts I asked? Sort of he replied. But not exactly.

Hsprings-skypee made the suggestion we start with singling out our Skype services. Ok..Did that. Now if you’re specifically interested in direct contact consultations, you can view what we offer on our “Skype Services” page.

But now, how are we going to document the other “stuff”?

As a psychic and channel I have developed many talents and abilities over the years. You can read more about my background, training, certifications and licensure on our About page. But even those pages don’t cover everything. For instance I’m adept at psychometry and offer many different divination readings other than tarot.

We decided to offer “Other Services” to accommodate those who would like to seek out additional consultations that are not listed in our primary services pages.

We offer Dream Therapy & Analysis, Crystal and Stone healing therapy, psychometry and more; you’ll find a list of services that can be utilized for those who have special interests or needs. I even offer services for Paranormal Investigation. I’m not sure “Other services” is the right way to label this; but it’s where we are for a start. Everything evolves, hopefully we’ll be able to evolve this into something cleaner as we go.

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