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A Shared Insight

Learning From Hardship – Sing your own song!

Carole Bourdo - "Wolf Song"

Carole Bourdo – “Wolf Song”

Yesterday I allowed my 9 year old to play on my computer. That turns out to have been a mistake. About an hour into his foray of watching some lego video, he receives a message over the browser window. Instead of reading it and asking his dad or me about it, he clicked a button and went on with his video. Something he has been told NOT to do. And he discovered the reason…he infected my computer with a pretty nasty virus!

Thankfully both Daddy and I are IT geeks. But my IT skills are more related to mainframes and corporate servers, than desk top computers. Thankfully Daddy is the desktop King. It took the entire day from about 10am to midnight to fully correct the infection and ensure everything was ok, running right and safe again. With a few extra checks and tweaks this morning, my laptop is virus free and more tightly secured. Which includes not allowing our little Prince to touch my laptop again!

So..what’s the point to this story…While the King was fixing my machine I let go of that nervous irritated energy by doing some spring cleaning. Which involved turning the cushions over on the couches and the chair I like to sit in with my laptop. When you have a 9 year old, it’s a good idea to vacuum under the cushions once a month. In my chair I found enough miniature legos to build a robot. Along with two pencils, a pen and Oh My Stars! 3 cards from Faery Tarot Deck! I didn’t even know they were missing! Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Fool –

The Fool

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Roll the dice and play the part of the fool. Now is not the time to take chances and act or react on a whim. Not everyone has your best interest at heart. Make sure you know what you’re getting into. Don’t allow others to pressure you and do your own research! You are the one who is accountable for your choices, not someone else. So take charge and don’t be afraid to say “No and that’s it!”

Additional Insight:

You are ultimately accountable for your actions. Don’t let your desperation cloud your judgement and allow you to be pressured into something that isn’t intended to be good for you! Be cautious of the ulterior motives of others who claim to be experts, or have a sure fired bet! They’re not interested in helping you, they’re interested in controlling you for their own selfish gains.

It’s ok to say “No”, and if they get upset; that should be your clue that something isn’t right with this. If they up their forceful pressure; don’t be afraid to say “No and that’s enough”! Then use your own control and walk away from their manipulation. You can do this! And for today, it may be vitally important that you do!

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