The Subtleties of Energy

How Your Thoughts Impact Your Day

I’d like to share something about energy. It seems to be a topic of conversation this week. Most everyone who works with energy in some way sees the spiritual impact of that work. You may pull energy in for healing, send it out through prayers, summon Divine energy for blessings or clearing and cleansing etc. Spiritual practitioners also connect to it in order to provide readings or interpretations for clients. In magik, we pull in energy to manipulate it to our intent and send it back out again. But do you take time to really understand how that energy impacts you, specifically, over time?

When you’re adept at working with energy, a lot of subtle energies can be picked up on and can unexpectedly impact other things in your life. That connection to a client or another person can translate and manifest in some interesting ways. Let me explain that in a little story that happened to me that can help explain where this is going for everyone, professional and layman alike.

I was asked to provide an interpretation of something for a friend. For over a week I’ve tried to fulfill that request. But odd things kept happening blocking my ability to complete that ‘mission’. Every time I sat down to start-up my laptop to type up the interpretation and send it off, our wi-fi would go out.

At first I thought that was annoying. But it happened about 6 times over the course of last week. I would think of my ‘client’, got my laptop, and bam the wi-fi died. I came to realize something didn’t want this reading to get to my friend.

I had scheduled time yesterday, no matter what, I was going to get this done. I did my usual morning work, pulled the card of the day, posted it, and shared it on my social media accounts successfully. Did some piddly stuff in my morning routine online and then..I was ready for the reading. I got up to get my last cup of coffee and when I got back to my laptop, bam, the wi-fi goes out.

It came back about 30 minutes later and I quickly downloaded the information I needed to do my job. I decided to do that offline and keep my promise. Then when the wi-fi returned, I’d simply copy/paste the reading and send it off. Well that wifi didn’t come back and I got impatient. Thankfully I have a good signal on my cell service today and I was able to set up a hotspot for internet access and send off the reading.

Now I’m telling you all this to explain this one piece of information I got a response back from my friend after she received my synopsis. She told me, she was “nervous about getting the reading”. Something was indeed keeping me from fulfilling and sending her the reading I promised to do. Her own thoughts and fears.

Those of us who work with energy, pick up on the subtle energies associated with a connection to someone or something, even when we don’t realize it. We make a connection with each other that’s so strong, we can affect electronic equipment, to the point of killing it for good. I stopped wearing a watch for this reason.

If we can impact electronics like this, imagine how the energy you, professional psychic, healer or layman, can put out, every day, without even realizing it. Thoughts, like this one in the story, that can impact your goals, your perspectives, the energy you attract and pull into your day, week, month and years. It’s been said over and over, “What you think, creates your world”. And you are the one who lives with the consequences of that projection.

Relax. Worrying about something only makes you suffer twice when something scary is going on. Or you could make something that’s not a big deal, turn into a mountain that’s harder to overcome. Over the past three years I’ve accepted the motto “It is, what it is”. Sometimes we’re guided to things to make life easier or better, and when we fight back, that guidance becomes a forceful push that can knock you off your feet. Don’t fight the changes, it is what it is, go with the flow. You’ll usually be better off.

Just breathe. You’re not perfect and you’re never going to be perfect. That’s ok. It’s why you’re here. You’re learning, you’re going through experiences both on a physical level and spiritual level to learn things. Stop judging others and start paying attention to your own thoughts and actions. Be mindful and breathe.

Oh and FYI…the wifi is working and looks to be stable again. Well ain’t that nice.

© Springwolfs Hanko

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