Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Wheel of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You’ve been spinning this wheel for a long time. But maybe you haven’t noticed how much has changed. Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched, but at least notice you have some chickens that can be counted. Struggle isn’t a constant position or a lifetime condition. Unless you allow it to be. Everything changes. It’s up to you to make it change for the better, instead of the worse.

Additional Insight:

Many people who have faced struggle for the past 10 years (since the beginning of the recession), are still struggling. Some have much further to go in order to recover than others have had. And they may feel as though they’ve been forgotten. The wheel is still in motion. It hasn’t stopped for anyone. Things are still changing and evolving.

How they change is totally up to you. If you’re feeling beat down and wore out, you’ll probably make things worse for yourself and those around you. Worrying about it only makes things worse and causes you to suffer twice through the challenges.  Whither it’s financial, emotional, or a health condition, what you think, say and do will dictate what you attract and bring to you.

But if you take time to recognize the changes that have already happened for the better, and appreciate the blessings that have come your way, you’re liable to continue to improve. Sometimes it’s the little things that cost you nothing that can benefit you the most. Waking up to see a snow-covered picturesque view can warm your heart and lift your spirit. Maybe it’s a funny moment with your beloved 4-legged best friend that’s the magical moment for you. Whatever it is, make note of it. Let that good feeling, however momentary it is, give you the courage to endure and move on. 

The only constant in the divine Universe, is that things change. Maybe it’s time to stop thinking that everything is going to cave in on you. Maybe it’s time to let go of that anger, fear and defeat you’ve held onto for so long. No it’s not easy. But if you can change one thing in your daily struggle to a positive, and do that every day from now on, you will change things for the better over time! You’re going to be ok!  

Additional Reading

Sorry the card was late today. We had snow over night and I had the rare occasion to sleep in.
Many Blessings


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