Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Chariot

The Chariot

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Things today won’t be so black and white. There’s a lot of gray involved, so be careful how others try to blur the lines of your travels. You have the sun at your back and you’re moving in the right direction. Don’t make assumptions or stand too far on one side of the journey. You could get pushed off course and put a delay in your timeline. You don’t want that!  Stand up and make sure you have a clear view of all those involved and all the options that are present. You’ll be able to pick the right mixture of choices to create the best solution for all concerned.

Additional Insight:

Evaluate the road ahead and make sure you see the best path to take for a smooth and scenic adventure. Not every direction on the map has to be left or right. In the real world, they can go up, down, forward or back. Though where you came from isn’t the best option for anyone.

Some people around you this morning will only see 2 solutions to every event. They can’t stand outside the issue and look at it from a different angle. But you can and that’s your biggest advantage right now. Get in a position up above and view the entire landscape. Look at the entire map and you’ll be able to decipher the landscape, knowing which elements are simply in the shadows and which dark spots are pot holes in the road to avoid. Those who are afraid to go one way because they can’t see clearly will hold things back. Those that want to rush in the other direction are blinded by the light.

Neither one holds the promise of success because both directions are made out of familiarity and not by practical thinking.  The Devil you know is better than the one you cannot see. Sorrow and sadness always come from settling for too little, and allowing fear to rule the choices. Don’t be that person anymore. Don’t let that “play it safe” worry to get in the way of achieving the greatness you deserve.

Use what you have learned in the past few years, your experience, knowledge and wisdom to examine all choices and determine which holds the best solution for everyone concerned. Think it through to the end. Look beyond the Yin and Yang to figure out the best fit that works together. It may not be the left or right. But rather a combination that creates a new and better path forward.

By the late afternoon, everyone involved will feel much more relaxed and even a little blissfully happy because the solution is working out so well. And everyone will know it’s because of your dedication to detail, and ability to see and understand the consequences of each piece in the puzzle. Have the courage to stand up and look things over to  put the right pieces in their rightful place. You can do it. And you’ll give yourself another big step up on the ladder toward success.

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