Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Temperance


Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Get ready to reach the top of the mountain today. Your struggle to go with the flow and not fight against the tide is finally paying off. Allow yourself to feel content and deserving of the hard work you’ve been putting into your journey. There maybe some patterns of healing to deal with, but your travels have brought great success and nurtured your path over all. It’s time to accept the gifts of milk and honey. So temper the fear and worry.

Additional Insight:

During the day take pride in all the sacrifices you’ve made to get through the challenges. Honor those who helped you and those who have been by your side. There have been many who took on chores or duties to help reduce the stress in your life so you could focus on the solutions that fit your journey. They have sacrificed and worried right along side of you. Forgoing their own dreams so they could help fight on their front to keep things together and running as best they can for now.

Don’t take them for granted. Don’t dismiss the challenges they went through on their own so you could focus on your issues without distraction. Temper your perspectives and try to look at the things they went through for you. Stand in their shoes and allow yourself to see the fears they have faced and overcome on their own.

Everyone needs someone to lean on from time to time. Everyone needs someone to listen to them, even if all they want to do is blow off steam. Don’t diminish their feelings, or tell them there’s no reason to have those emotions. You’ll basically be telling them they don’t have the right to be upset or scared. And you certainly don’t have the right to do that. Instead allow them to share their emotions with you. If they trust you so much that they’re willing to talk, accept that as an honor and hold it with compassion. Respect their thoughts and emotions with kindness, no matter how insignificant you might think it is.

Temperance reminds us that too much of anything isn’t a good thing. Be balanced in your outlook and pride today. Be proud, but not arrogant.  Be happy but don’t gloat. Share the appreciation with those who helped you face the challenges with you. Make sure you listen and hear what your partner(s) are saying, and don’t dominate the conversation with your own selfishness. Everyone has something to say, talk WITH others, not AT others. Ask them how they are, if they’re ok. End your story with a question about their day. And above all else, listen to their answers without judgement and without dismissing their feelings.

Things really begin their journey to turn around and bring the success you’ve been hoping for. It’s time to release the strain and upsetting emotions. But support those who need to take a little time to believe it’s really happening. Show compassion and remember why you got into this together in the first place. You’ll have a lot to celebrate by the end of the day.

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