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Spring’s Tarot Meditation Drawing – On Hiatus

Wizards Tarot by John J. Blumen - The High Priestess

Wizards Tarot by John J. Blumen

Press Release
August 21, 2016

It’s with regret we announce the Daily Drawing will be on hiatus for the next 2 to 3 weeks due to a medical emergency that occurred on Thursday August 18th.

We apologize for the inconvenience for suspending the daily drawing, but we do have plenty to read and learn here on our Springwolf sites.  Spring’s Haven, Springwolf Reflections and Pagan’s Path.

We also want to send out our deepest gratitude to those who have already reached out to share prayers for healing and kind thoughts for Lady Spring’s recovery. She was doing well in the hospital yesterday and they felt she could return home to rest. Her Partner took her home last evening to care for her over the next few days. She has been ordered to take it easy and rest for the next few weeks.

We’ll certainly announce changes to our plan as they come. For now we appreciate the kindness, patience and healing prayers.

Thank you,
Many Blessings,
Patty, Center Administrator

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