Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Your shoulders are bare because you’re not carrying as much as you think you are. Get out of the dooms day attitude. You know your thoughts create your reality, so stop thinking the worst. It’s not going to happen, unless you attract the negative and manifest your fear. You have plenty to get you through. Stop worrying!

Additional Insight:

You’re still expecting the other shoe to drop because things seem the same as they were back in the beginning. But they’re not the same. You have changed and not just a little bit. You’ve grown much more than you believe you have. You’ve learned just how strong you really are and how much you can handle and get through.

That realized strength will carry you through the little challenges you face today. And yes, they’re little. They’re not the mountain you’re trying to think they are. If you keep focusing on that giant mountain of the past, you’re going to rebuild the problems and face them all over again. It really is all in your head. At some point you must release the fear of the past and welcome the magik of the future.

If you allow the worry to invade your day, you will lose focus on what really matters on your plate. Mistakes could be made that snowball into bigger issues. Trust that you’re being taken care of by the Divine Universe (whatever that is to you). Things are going to be ok and you’ll be right where you need to for the highest good of all concerned.

Pay attention to your chores and tasks. Get out your list and check off each step to ensure you don’t miss anything important. Don’t rely on your memory today and give yourself a break with whatever positive and productive supports you need to make it through. Leave yourself a message to remember what you need to do. Ask someone to look over your work and help you make sure you didn’t miss anything. Go over everything again, and when you’re done, check it again.

By the end of the day you’ll be satisfied you made it through a challenging day and didn’t let the distractions get in the way. When you get home, do something special for yourself. A warm shower or a nice bubble bath will soak away the stress and wash away the worry. Give yourself 5 minutes to meditate and align your energies with the Divine and you’ll find a better energy to face the day tomorrow. You really are going to be ok. Things are getting better, even if you don’t see what’s happening behind the scenes.

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