Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Strength

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti - Strength VIII

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Strength leads the way with compassion, not erroneous judgement. Reconciliation requires love,  tolerance and understanding. Name calling, looking down your nose at others and two faced attitudes only breed further contempt and conflict. Be the one who stands out in the crowd, in the town square, the office or at home. Show your ability to spread peace through leadership and healing. It’s a good weekend for “Walking Your Talk ©”.

Additional Insight:

Real leaders speak for themselves and don’t get embroiled in the rhetoric of prognosticators or other opinionated commentators. There’s always a reason behind every issue and all sides have their perspectives. Making judgements on half the story only makes you part of the problem and increases the size of the battle.

A true leader hears all sides and makes an effort to understand all positions without judgement. The spiritual leader accepts all arguments with tolerance and understanding, even when they don’t agree. Showing respect and love to everyone without negative evaluation or assumption.

If you try to chain the King of the Beasts, you’ll only fight against their efforts to pull away and be free. It’s a struggle you won’t win. You’re not going to change their mind or alter their perspective. Especially if you respond in kind with anger, frustration and your own passionate discourse.

The argument isn’t worth the effort. Everyone has their karma to pay and there’s always spiritual lessons going on behind the scenes. You will never know about those hidden aspects of the issue, because they’re not yours to deal with. But they are there for all to weed through and learn. Even you have your own karma and lessons to learn. Your judgements should be left to those moments when you can stand before a mirror and look within.

If you find yourself feeling angry, stop, take a moment and ask yourself why? Why are you having such a negative response to what’s happening before you in the here and now. How does this moment impact or affect you in the overall scheme of things? Are they rational feelings? Or are you taking a stand out of arrogance and ego to be on the “right” or “winning” side? To feel superior or better than those you’re arguing with? Because those aren’t good reason and they will, cloud your judgement. 

Remember that what you put out today and through the weekend will come back to you. If you judge others for their beliefs and perspectives harshly, there will come a day when the table is turned and you are the one being judged in the same way. If you don’t want a face off when that moment comes, then don’t hold that experience against others.  Making disparaging comments about supporters of the opposing view, are no better than those they are degrading. Hate is hate, even when it’s on the “right” side of history.

Walking Your Talk, means rising above and looking at the passionate arguments from a place of calm compassion and understanding without judgement. It means allowing others to hold their view, while trying to understand where they’re coming from. It doesn’t mean changing your own opinion or agreeing with them. It doesn’t mean condoning their negative behavior or assuming their views are based on ignorant assumptions. Don’t meet their fear with your own negative assumptions.

Today and through the weekend, try to understand the position of the other side. Be respectful to their ideas and make a real attempt to understand where they’re coming from. Don’t try to change their view or explain to them why you think they’re wrong. That’s not tolerance or understanding. It’s arrogance cloaked in manipulation to make others see the world as you do. If you want the right to live your life with your views, beliefs and perspectives without persecution, then you must first give that same respect to others. No matter how much you disagree with their views. Respect and understanding is a two way street.

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