Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Swords – Inv

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti - Knight of Swords : Inverted

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Don’t search for glory, you may find yourself in a predicament you don’t want to be in. You can still be the shining knight and make a difference for the better in someone’s life that’s close to you. But don’t look for the one big moment to light up the sky. Instead, be consistent, constant and vigilant over time. It’s all the little things that matter most in the long run. Cherish those little things and don’t let them pass unnoticed.

Additional Insight:

Swords represent Strength & Weakness, Endurance & Struggle, Respect & Animosity.

The real shining knights are the ones who are by your side through thick and thin. They don’t tout their deeds at every turn or constantly retell the same story of that moment when they stood up won the day. Instead they’re the people who are always by your side, lifting you up and giving you support day in and day out.

Today is your chance to be that knight for someone you care about in your life. Not so you can gain the glory from the sacrifices, but so you can be a true friend they can count on. Do it because what you gain from the “good deed” is a warm heart and the satisfaction in knowing you were there for them when they needed you.

Life is full of little things that can make your day and bring a smile to someone’s face. Especially when the big things don’t seem to come along that often or haven’t been seen in a while. The little gestures can really mean a lot. If you’ve gone to the kitchen for a soda, grab one for your partner, or you kid too. While you’re out picking up a few groceries, grab that special cookie or box of crackers that your friend loves to dive into. If you’re at the checkout line at the convenient store and you see a pretty rose on the counter, grab one for that person who’s having a bad day at work.  Take some time to not only do the little thing for someone. But to acknowledge the little things that come across your path as well.

There are a lot of little joys in life that can add up over time and inspire you to smile. It might seem silly to others, but who cares. If it was something that brought a surprise or good feeling to you, share it. And if there’s no one to tell, for goodness sake tweet it. Someone else in the world will think it’s pretty kewl too. Share the glory with someone you care about. And I bet they’ll smile simply because the little event made you happy and that in turn brought a smile to their face.


I had one of these moments today. And it truly brought a big smile to my face.  (Yes I’m easily thrilled. And if you can’t tell; Tony is holding my bottle of Coke).


From @CocaColaRacing:
@SpringWolf That’s awesome! Enjoy! ‪#‎ShareaCoke‬

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