Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Lovers

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti - The Lovers VI

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Leap for joy and choose to live your life with passion instead of trepidation. Set aside the little things that get you worried and create fear. Appreciate the things that bring you smiles and happiness. Be mindful of your negative thoughts. If you don’t love your life, change it; don’t keep complaining about it. Have the courage to change what’s within you that brings you down. Make the conscious decision to feel blessed and be happy. Then make it so! You’ll change your whole day and even the rest of your life, if you keep that feeling alive.

Additional Insight:

The life you live is a reflection of person you are inside. If you don’t like yourself, or any aspect of yourself; change your perspective. Accept who you are and revel in your differences. If there’s something about your appearance, or a habit you don’t like, stop complaining about it, stop putting yourself down about it and change it.

You have the ability to lift yourself up above water and hold yourself in the light with passion. But that begins with having compassion for yourself. For love means nothing if it doesn’t come with compassion. You can’t love yourself, or others, with negative self talk and constant criticism. Love you. Live your passion and revel in your ability to adapt, improvise and overcome. You deserve the effort to fill your life with joy, excitement, love and passion.

If you want passion in your life from someone else, and you don’t have it; then look at the thoughts and feelings you give yourself when you look in the mirror. Do you love you? Do you care about what happens to you when you walk out the door. Do you see yourself and then put you down for what you see? Stop it! Geez! You’re worth loving, so how about starting with loving yourself! 

There are many blessings in your life that you’re not giving as much time attention to as you are the negatives. If you constantly pay attention to the squeaky wheel, you may not notice the carriage you’re riding in is quite grand. Stop focusing on the squeak and simply give it some oil to move along. Take care of it and it won’t become the big overwhelming issue that you think it will be in the first place. Remember there is no “try” when you focus on success. There is only “doing it”. Trying leaves room for failure and sometimes that small crack in the effort is enough to let an avalanche of negative thoughts pour through. Don’t “try” to succeed, “Do it”.

Those who have success and live what you think are exciting happy and fulfilling lives don’t focus on the problems. They focus on the solutions and get on with it. Change your perspective and you’ll set the stage for changing your life as well. A little magik and positive thinking can go a long way to turning things around for the better. You can do this with the right inspiration that reminds you to be courage and focused.

Surround yourself with little things that help keep you mindful of your thoughts and actions. Keep a list of goals you’re working to achieve.  Find pictures to inspire you and put them in a slideshow to play on your phone, next to your pc while you’re working. Simply Do it! That’s all you need to think about, “I’m doing it! I’m making the effort. And I’m going to succeed”.

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