Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Death

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell - Death

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell

Stop looking back, unless you’re trying to decide what else to cut out of your life. Dwelling on the past hurts only keeps you and in their grip of pain. It negates all that you have learned, changed and improved. It takes you back to the beginning and forces you to relive all the agony and anger. Stop giving control to those past events that are causing you to be jaded. You say you’ve let them go, so do it. Release their energy from altering your perspectives and open up to a brand new, happier and brighter future.  

Additional Insight:

Yes there are stages of letting go, but take a look at how long you’ve been throwing daggers at the past. All those “cute” social media shares you’ve been doing, are keeping your energy, mind and heart rood deeply to those events you should have let go of by now. Stop replaying the record of anger and judgement. You’re only doing more harm to yourself than the one you’re trying to get back at.

Revenge to “get back” at someone is a wasted endeavor. The one who hurt you isn’t going to “get the message”. They’re not going to read your tweet, or see your post and come crawling to you for forgiveness. They’re not going to say I’m sorry and tell you they were wrong or you were right. All they’re going to do is look at the whole of your messages and say “boy am I glad I got away from that nut case”.

Stop allowing these past events of emotional pain control you today and into your future. They do not serve you well in the slightest of instances.  Next time you want to retweet the contrite message that says: “Little by little, the truth shows up, no matter how hard some try to hide it” – don’t do it. It’s another hit on the nail head that builds the wall around your soul.

I don’t mind, because you don’t matter.
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The best revenge is served up from the place of indifference. Let them go and move on in your life as if they were never there. Even if you have to pretend they never crossed your path, never had an impact on your life you’ll make a shift in energy. The more you do this and actually put it into action, the more you make it happen. Living well and being open to the wonders of your life allow you to move forward and go on with joy and excitement. Forgive yourself for holding onto the pain for too long. And then let go and escape the shadows of the past.

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