Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Devil

The Devil

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Pay attention to the details and the fine print. Someone is trying to step on your tail and stop you from taking flight. Either by riding on your coat tails and holding you back. Or worse, by sabotaging your work. Keep your eyes peeled for tale tell signs. Don’t be afraid to call them on the carpet or use your horns for defense, if needs be. This is your forest, you may need to defend it for your own success.

Additional Insight:

There’s two things to remember about the Devil. First, he’s not a “God”, but he is a leader, a ruler of his own domain and he’s not afraid to stand up for himself and claim what belongs to him. Secondly, as part of the Tarot’s Major Arcana, he reminds us that his lesson is one of spirit and karma.

You’ve spent enough time being walked over and manipulated. Time to knock it off and rule over your own domain! You don’t have to be a door mat to anyone. Life is about balance and sometimes that means you have to be strong and courageous. You don’t have to be angry, you don’t have to be mean or vicious. But be confident and stand up for yourself!

Mother Earth is trying to provide you with healing and energy to keep going. But someone has put them self in your way and is trying to leap over your successes. Be cautious of their devious plot and make sure you’re standing up for yourself and your own work.

Ambition can be a good thing. Even if its presented in another person for you to witness. But ambition at all costs will have it’s consequences. Make sure the young one trying who’s trying to climb the ladder past you understands they have their own work to do in order to succeed.

One must learn to walk from a crawl, before they can take off running. Earning the right to reach the top comes with lessons, experiences and through both, wisdom. Reach the top too soon and it will be a long and very hard fall.

Don’t be afraid to teach them about the chain of command. Make sure they understand the concept of seniority and earning the accolades for them self. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to call them on the carpet, no matter what the situation and ensure everyone understands you were the one who completed the task and got things done.

Give credit where credit is due, but make sure your taking accountability and responsibility for your part in the success. It’s your effort and your leadership that got it done. Be confident, be the leader and take command of it, before, during and after. You worked too hard for it. Now own it!

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