Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Strength – Inverted

Strength Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Building your escape route is the key to getting out of the situation you’re in. You will find healing in the effort and you’ll find the way up and out of the flames you’ve been going through. While you have tried other methods that haven’t come through as you’d like, keep moving forward. This time, you’re building in the right direction to climb your way out of the picture of struggle. You’re at the edge where you can return to the place of strength you’ve always held in your life. Keep going!

Additional Insight:

Putting yourself in a cocoon isn’t going to solve your dilemma. It’s only going to help keep you lost and going in circles. The storm is raging outside for some, while others can see the clouds clearing. In either case, stop sitting in shadow to hide from the light that’s trying to get your attention and guide the way. Be quiet and take time to listen!

While you may feel beaten up, confused and exhausted, now is not the time to give up. Things may not be resolved yet and you may not even know if what you’re doing is going to be the final answer. But at the very least, your current direction is going to take you to where you need to be and bring a final solution to the struggle.

You’ve had the fortitude to fight, trying to correct the mistakes of the past. Or to recover from the situations you have been put in by much bigger forces than you could control. You’ve given up a great deal to endure the struggle. You’ve sacrificed, you’ve given in, you’ve been pushed, prodded and restricted.

You’ve been abandoned by many who you thought you could count on. You’ve probably even fought with the ones closest to you and some how still find them there by your side, trying to fight “us against them”. You can’t go through all that and stop now.

Everyone on your team has worked so very hard and gone through so much to adapt, innovate and overcome. Get out of your clouded and weakened gloom and doom perspective to rise up. Don’t let your adversary win. Don’t give in now when the battle is coming to an end.

Take one small step at a time. Do one thing to get over the wall you’re building before it gets too big to walk over. Don’t worry about tearing it down or breaking a path through it. There’s always alternatives to getting over the blocks. Take a step toward walking over the wall and you’ll still move things forward in your favor.  You will turn thing right side up and find your strength. You can do it, if you simply Keep Going!

On a side note:
And yes it will be relevant. 

In the middle of pulling today’s card, the man calls and tells me he’s lost in Asheville, NC and while he left one hour early, he is now 20 minutes late for a meeting. After an hour of looking for Lee Street, we discover there are 2 of those. The first one wasn’t it. I look for the second one and this time, I switch to Google earth and have a look around. It’s a Methodist Church and no other buildings are there. He pulls over and parks (about the 3rd time doing that) and gets rid of the instructions he was given with the date, time, address and looks at the work order. It has a different address. Lees Creek Road. After searching for that one, we had a conversation like this:
Me: Get on highway 240 west and go across the river.
EW: There is no “west” on i240 it’s a circle around the city.
Me: Ok, if you’re going north to get to the highway, you want to be going left.
EW: Ok I’m across the river.
Me: Ok you should see exit 3b.
EW: I just past it. I’m going to get off exit 2.
Me: You’re looking for Patton. Big enough road you should something that says go that way to get to it. Rt23
EW: I’m on Haywood.
Me: There’s not even a Haywood on the map. (I scroll around and there’s Haywood back on the wrong side of the river. The map shows if you stay on Haywood you go across the river and head to Patton.) Ok, so stay on Haywood I guess.
EW: I’m passing a Suntrust, oh wait it’s just an ATM. I’m at 881 Haywood.
Me: Ok, that’s on the map and it says you come to a T intersection. You want to go right to stay on Haywood to the bridge. Well wait, that road has a different name and then becomes Haywood again. Ok, whatever forget road names, turn right. (I hover my mouse over the little icon on the map and a pop up appears saying Robert St. becomes Haywood. Ok whatever).
EW: There’s a T intersection. I’m turning right. 
Me: Ok, The river should be 1 or 2 blocks from there.
EW: Well, I think I’m coming to another intersection up here. Hey it says it’s Patton. (Which is the road we’re looking to be on eventually).
Me: Ok, Patton and Haywood are way far away from the river on the map and going in the wrong direction.
EW: If I’m going in the wrong direction AGAIN (this would be like the 5th time), I’m going to run into the back of this cop and find out where the hell I am.
Me: I don’t know what to tell you, the map says Haywood and the addresses you gave me are on the east side of the river.
EW: Here’s another big intersection, let me see what this road is. It’s New Leicester Hwy. That’s the one I saw on the map at the office. And Old Country Road is off of that.
Me: That’s on the other side of the river. Did you cross over the river again?
EW: No. Well yeah when I was on the interstate and then got off onto Haywood.
Me: Well the map has that on the other side of the river. It’s not even on the same side as New Leicester Hwy.
EW: Ok, well I found Old Country Road and there’s the school and there’s the sign to the place I’m going.
Now an hour and 40 minutes later; he’s where he needs to be.

How are you supposed to get where you’re going when the Map isn’t even close to being accurate?
Keep going!

If today’s card means anything at all; it’s telling everyone to Keep Going! You’ll get there!
Now I have to get all that frustration out of my head, and finish the insight for today’s card. Wholly crap!

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