Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Swords – Inverted

Knight Of Swords - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You don’t always have to be at war with the world. Being strong and resilient doesn’t mean getting into a fight every time you don’t agree with someone, or they don’t agree with you. Everyone has a right to their own view. If you want respect from others for the concepts you hold dear, then you must also provide them with that same respect. If you don’t question or challenge your own views, how are you going to be sure they’re the right perspectives for your path ahead? Allow yourself to feel safe, secure and in tune with your own ideals. After all if they can’t stand up to your scrutiny, how are they going to stand up to someone else’s?

Additional Insight:

If you feel you must always defend your beliefs, views or perspectives, then problem may not be with those who challenge you. Rather it may be an issue within yourself concerning something that doesn’t really feel right in you.

If we don’t hold our own views up to review once in a while, we limit our chances and abilities to expand our knowledge and apply our new learning to our old ideas. They’re either going to hold up to the scrutiny, or they need to be updated and refined. Forcing them to stay the same, clips the wings of the Crow magik you have within you. It’s never easy to change, but change is the only constant in the Universe. And it’s the one constant we need to keep moving forward.

Those who challenge your perspective maybe crossing your path to provide an opportunity for growth. Could be you need to put your knowledge into practice and excise your beliefs in the real world and not only in the spiritual world. Walking Your Talk© doesn’t mean being a preacher who doesn’t follow their own advice. It doesn’t mean being so insecure in your views and perspectives that you fight when ever they’re challenged. It means putting your knowledge into practice and giving yourself an opportunity to learn something new.

When you stop learning, when you refuse to research and discuss new things, you run the risk of becoming stagnate, old, irrelevant, pitied and left behind. Don’t be afraid to move forward. Don’t be so scared that you tune out what others have to say and dismiss their views as narrow-minded, ignorant or uneducated. By doing so, you’re mirroring their actions within yourself and becoming what you despise.

Allow Crow magik to enter your life with excitement and anticipation of change and transition. Being able to put what you’ve learned into practice and share what you know, but being safe and secure enough to listen to alternative views. You may not ever take in the perspective of someone else and apply their beliefs to your path. No matter what their views are, be they spiritual, emotional, professional, social or physical views. For some, this isn’t about spiritual beliefs, rather professional knowledge, or social understanding or it may even be related to your health.

Listening to other perspectives doesn’t mean you’ll be automatically “converted” if you just listen. If you’re that worried about being brain-washed, then maybe your beliefs aren’t as stable as you think they are.  Instead, be open and speak with others from a place of calm respect, compassion and openness. They will see the path you walk in peace and security and they’ll wonder what you know or have within you that they don’t have in their life.

If you’re open and respectful, you might learn something as well. They may turn a phrase that gets you thinking about your own perspectives. Not that their view is the one you need to accept. Rather that their perspective opens a new path of knowledge on your own road, that you never even knew existed before. What an exciting new journey you can have by allowing your path forward to expand and grow, like a Great Tree spreading its branches up toward the light of knowledge.

Spread your branches and give yourself an opportunity to climb higher. Move your conscious mind out of the shadow of fear hidden below on the ground in the fog and mist of despair. Strike at the heart of peace, compassion and yes even love. Let the Crow provide an opportunity to transition your views into something greater, lighter and broader than you ever thought possible. You never know, you might be able to spread your wings and fly to a higher and more beautiful tree on the mountain of enlightenment.

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