Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Devil

The Devil

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

The Devil is in the details. Make sure you understand the fine print before you sign anything or make any commitments today. No one is trying to put one over on you, but you really want to make sure you understand everything you’re being held accountable for. Review the dates, the requirements and what’s expected of you and ensure you truly understand everything before you put your name to any contracts!

Additional Insight:

You always have choices and options. Don’t blame others or a bigger entity because you didn’t take time to read and understand what you were signing. No one else is accountable for your actions, but you. And you could have taken the time to read, ask questions and have someone explain to you what this says or what that means.

Assuming others know better and if they say it’s ok, then you can put your name to is, is making the choice to give control over your life to someone else. That’s misplaced trust and you’re still accountable for that decision. So stop playing the innocent victim.

Stand up for yourself and take responsibility for your path forward. Ignoring it isn’t going to make it go away. Putting it off is only going to make things worse and you’ll run out of time. Stop expecting someone else to solve your problems and come rushing in with a final solution that saves the day. People are too busy saving their own arses to be expected to save yours too!

Have faith and believe in yourself. Get to work on resolving your issues and finding the solutions to your problems. You’re more than capable and you really can do this! Things are not as bleak as you think they are. Sometimes the Devil is trying to remind you that the fine print works both ways! It might hold you to a specific requirement; but it does the same for the party in which you’re entering this agreement. Without reading the fine print, you might be missing the opportunity to hold them accountable for their actions too!

Now buck up! Stand tall and proud. No one can take your self-worth or respect away from you. You’ve earned it, you deserve it and you need to wake up and claim it! You not only can do this; but if you, you’ll be the one pointing at the fine print and reminding others what they committed to do for you! Try to stop worrying so much! You really are going to be ok!

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