Our 1000th Post!


Thank you for helping us reach a great milestone!

Celebrating A Milestone!

Today’s Tarot Meditation Message was the 1000th post here on Springwolf Reflections! Woohoo!!

I never thought we’d reach that number in what seems like two short years. Maybe that sounds like a long time for some. But for me, it seems like the first post on February 1st, 2012 was only last week.

I do like that the 1000th post has come in May. This is a big month for me for a lot of reasons. So this milestone only adds to the marked events this month has brought to me through out my life. And maybe there’s some significance to being on the 16th, right in the middle of the month. Some what appropriate considering there are 31 days in May.

I’ve been blessed with so gifts from our little official author’s blog. From simple feedback to heart warming and touching notes and letters from so many of you about how this post or that comment has made a difference in your life. I’m honored when folks find my ramblings helpful or inspiring. I’m humbled by your efforts to make note, make the effort to like and or comment and definitely for your trust when you share personal insights about your own journeys.

I owe much of the success for Springwolf Reflections to you, the readers and visitors. If you didn’t come by and check things out, then I probably would have become discouraged and stopped babbling a long time ago. So thank you, one and all, for helping to make this little place on the web a success and for inspiring me to expand and grow it into the future.

© Springwolfs Hanko

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