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Happy Mother’s Day – 2014

The Beauty of Mother

The Beauty of Motherhood

Happy Mother’s Day

Motherhood comes in many forms. On two legs, four legs or no legs at all. It’s not something from blood type or heritage. It isn’t found in our atoms or electrons. Mothers aren’t the people who give birth, they’re the people who love, care and nurture.

They are the ones who tend the wounded knee, hug you when your balloon gets loose and flies away, fixes your meals day in and day out, tucks you in at night, or simply calls to find out how you’re doing this week.

I hope you can tell a mother thank you and let her know you appreciate all the things she does. Share some flowers, or plant a rose to let her know you love her all the days through the year.

May you all have a great day, honoring the Mother that has supported you. Including Mother Earth.

~ My Heart And Soul ~
Thank you, Mom
For standing by me through thick and thin,
For not giving up on me when I didn’t win.
For your patience and never-ending support,
For caring when I would sell myself short.

I am grateful knowing…
You’re always there building up my courage,
sharing your wisdom that always encourage.
If I lose my way you help me get back on track,
If my heart breaks, you bring the laughter back. Continue reading