Archive | May 9, 2014

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Priest

The Priest

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You will get more done hiding behind a mask and ignoring the outside world. Others want to goof off and start their weekend early. Let them go while you stick to the grind stone and get the last things done that need to be accomplished ASAP. Follow your instincts and don’t give into the pressure of going out to play just yet. You’ll have plenty of time this weekend to relax and you’ll feel so much better when things are off your plate.

Additional Insight:

Those that are trying to annoy you into shirking your responsibilities either don’t have the issues you’re dealing with, or they’re too busy running away from their own responsibilities.

Don’t give into the pressure. Be firm and let them know you’d love to go, but you have something important on your plate that must be taken care of today. If they don’t back off, you’ll have to push them out the door and give them a firm “No”.

If they were truly your friend, they’d understand you have things that absolutely must get done today and they’ll leave you alone. Or they’d offer help to make things easier on you. Take this moment as a sign for those toxic people you need to let go of and move out of your life. And those who are truly worthy of your friendship that you should keep in your circle of friends.

The areas of your life that you are trying to turn around need attention and care to promote their healing. Ignoring them or putting them off will only make things worse and you could end up infecting the wounds all over again. So be careful that you’re not shirking your duties or what you’re accountable for today. It’s your name being signed on the form or contract. So make sure you know what’s getting done and that you’re taking care of what’s outlined before you. Continue reading