Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Three of Swords

Three of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

“Oh woe is me”, isn’t going to get anything accomplished. Stop crying over spilt milk and worrying about things you cannot change. Focus on what you can take care of and get it done. You’ll not only turn your day around; you will also make a big difference in how things work out for the better, tomorrow and even for next month.

Additional Insight:

If you simply sit back and allow yourself to feel overwhelmed, that’s exactly what you will create for the day and remainder of the week. Don’t let the weather, stress, or someone else with a bad attitude pull you down into the weeds of despair and groveling emotions. There is a way out.

You know exactly what you must do today and what must get done to keep things moving forward. Make the calls, do the paperwork and keep your nose to the grind stone. If you have to close the door and focus on your tasks regardless of what’s going on outside, then do so. The more you get done, the more you’ll feel better about what you’ve achieved today and that will turn your whole day around.

You don’t have to solve all the worlds problems. You don’t even have to solve the problems of others. You do have to work on your own challenges. Don’t tackle them all at once. Pick the smallest one and start there. One at a time, little by little you’ll take care of what needs to be addressed today and for the week.

Don’t focus on the deadline or the final click of the clock. That will only distract your concentration. Take time to see what’s in front of you and start clicking off the items one at a time.

You’ll be able to over come blocks you thought were mountains much easier than expected. You’ll solve one problem that actually solves two or more. And you’ll end the day in triumph, and in a much better state of mind than you started. Giving in is not the answer for turning your day or your world around. No one said you had to be happy about getting things done, but in accomplishing your tasks, you’ll lift your spirits and chase the blues away.  Now get to it!

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