Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Four of Pentacles

4 of Pentacles

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

There will always be someone in your life trying to take more than they deserve. It’s ok to relax and be content. But you must also exercise responsibility or you could lose everything. Make sure you keep good records and know exactly what you’re supposed to have in your pantry, your bank account and your heart.

Additional Insight:

Whither its health, money, supplies, food, or commitments you hold in your heart; you should know what you have in your accounts and what you may need to guard and keep safe. Not everyone is holding your best interests in their actions and thoughts.

Someone could be trying to manipulate you into giving up more than what you owe them. Through emotional manipulation, lying, sneaking behind your back and out right stealing from you, it’s a day to make sure you know what you have and what you’re supposed to be paying out. Go over your accounts today and make sure everything is accounted for and budgeted properly.

If you’ve been struggling with holding onto the little you have left, you’re probably tired of all the knit-picking. But that’s the time when you should be the most attentive to what you have and need. It does get old and it is stressful, but you have others in your life who you can count on and you can trust to help you.

Once again a message from yesterday is present in today’s message. Remember that trust is earned, it’s not something you simply give out to others from the moment you meet them. No matter what their title, or what their status is in the world; everyone is still human and must earn your trust. If you give it too freely, you will be taken advantage of when you needed assurance the most. You must take accountability for your own accounts.

Too much of being a skeptic is as bad as being too much of a believer. Life is about balance and finding the happy medium between all things. Belief without question is dangerous. Skepticism without an open mind is limiting. That’s the big message for today.

Walking the path of positive spiritual energy doesn’t mean giving away the farm because you practiced unconditional love and acceptance toward the wrong person. It means including yourself in the center of that bubble of kindness. It means making sure you are giving consideration and compassion to yourself. Along with taking  responsibility for keeping yourself safe, secure and happy. If you don’t do that for yourself, how is someone else going to want to help you do it?

Be kind to yourself and watch over your own accounts in all aspects of your life. Be responsible, be generous when needs be and when justified. Don’t give the shirt off your back to others, when it’s the only shirt you have. Make sure you know exactly what you should have in your coffers. Go over your bills and question what is really due and when. And don’t ever be afraid to stand up for yourself when you know someone else is trying to take advantage of you. It’s your life. Be responsible for it.

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