Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Cups

Knight Of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished. Celebrate a bit this weekend. But don’t over do it. Your focus is still needed to be watchful and be on guard to protect what you’ve gained. Some will try to respond to you the way they always have. Don’t let them push your buttons or give into their games. You’ve worked hard to make a difference in your own life and change your path to the positive. Stick to it and stand tall! Good for you, keep it going.

Additional Insight:

You’ve made a big effort to turn this around and change the path of negativity, illness and struggle around. You’ve consciously stopped yourself from saying things you know you shouldn’t. Or acting and reacting in certain ways that have not served you well in the past. And it really has made a difference on your path and you may have noticed that this week. Have you? Did a big surprise come to you this week? Or did you receive an unexpected pat on the back? Or a message of acknowledgement for all your efforts?

Then take a little time to acknowledge your hard work and celebrate your efforts. They deserve to be recognized. But when someone around you tries to criticize you for it, don’t take the bait and fall into old habits. Simply respond “I’ve earned it and this is my new way to celebrate”. They don’t have to like it, it’s not their celebration. But calmly and proudly stand up for yourself.

Now make sure you don’t celebrate with bad habits. Everything in moderation. And if your old way to celebrate wasn’t good for you, then find a new way that will make you smile and remind you how far you’ve come. Get yourself some flowers. Buy a balloon or a special candle you like. Maybe it’s that special yogurt or ice-cream cone you crave. Or that app on your phone you’ve wanted for the past year. How you celebrate is up to you, but make sure it’s not taking you a step back.

Stick to your guns and keep the pace going forward. You deserve to recognize your progress and be proud of your accomplishments. Share your news with family and friends who know how much you’ve struggled. It’s the little victories that keep us going, because the big ones don’t come along that often. So stand tall, smile, look in the mirror tomorrow and tell yourself “Good Job, I’m proud of you”! Seriously, you’ll be amazed at how uplifting something so silly and simple can be. But remember to be humble. No one likes a strutting peacock.

Enjoy your weekend and carry this feeling into next week. It will help you manifest more success and attract even more of this positive energy. You deserve to be happy, to celebrate and be proud. You’re trying and making progress.  Congratulations on your efforts and your little wins.

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