Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: King of Wands


King of Wands

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Magik and creativity are flowing today. Use your wisdom to be just and fair in your dealings with others. Take time to use your position with authority, but make sure you aren’t being a dictator until you discover all the information that maybe available. Use your insight and gut feelings. You’ll discover the truth and then you’ll be able to make the right decision for you.

Additional Insight:

Being the one that others look up to, or look toward for making the right decisions isn’t an easy job. Whither you’re a parent, a boss, or the head of a crafting group, you’ll be asked to resolve conflict when it arises.

Don’t take it lightly. And don’t let others try to tell you what’s going on from their side of the disagreement. You may not want to be on that pedestal, but you’re there and now you’re going to have to use balance and judgement to discover the whole story on both, and maybe on all sides of the table.

Remember there’s always three tales to be discovered. Side A, Side B and the truth that exists somewhere in the middle. If you set your emotions aside and don’t get drawn into your own conflicts of ego, you’ll be able to find out what’s really happening. Be ready for any constructive criticism on your part, but also remember that when people are angry, they’re going to take it out on the person who has the authority to end the conflict.

Make sure you’re the one who has the role to step in and stop the fight. If it’s not your position to do so, then walk away and let those in charge handle the fight. Report dangerous situations as needed, of course. But if you try to play peacemaker by over stepping your bounds, you could make things worse and get yourself involved in something you never intended to be part of.

But if you are the one who others look to for managing conflict, remain calm and controlled. Think for yourself and ask the hard questions that need to be resolved. Keep the dignity and respect for others in the forefront of your mind and you’ll be able to calm the waters and resolve the conflicts. Step into your own confidence today, rely on your connection to that Divine presence in your life and allow the energy of spirit to work through you for the betterment of all. You’ll be able to go home with a smile on your face, ready to relax a bit this evening.

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