Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Five of Wands

Five of Wands

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Magik and creative energy are flowing today. Or that might be blowing with vigor and forcefulness. (It’s really windy here). Allow the winds of change to bring you gifts from unexpected sources. It’s a surprise worth accepting and it could really come in handy right about now. But double-check that there aren’t strings attached, that could cost you more than the gift itself. Use your own judgement. You might like the attached conditions. But take a moment to make sure. Remember the devil is in the details.

Additional Insight:

Turn your palms up and welcome the energy of change. You’ve worked long and hard to move forward and make a difference in your own life. So be ready and willing to accept the results of those efforts. Don’t shy away or pull back and miss an opportunity that you’ve been waiting for. But don’t accept the gift without reflection, until you know the whole story.

The surprise might be exactly what you need to take the next step in your journey and expand your efforts. And not all gifts will come with a price attached. But take a few moments to look at the fine print and discover if this one has conditions or requirements that you’re not willing to pay. At least right now.

This could be a reward for your hard work or it could be a lesson to see how much you’ve grown. Are you so desperate and impatient that you’ll jump at any change to get what you want? Even if it means selling your soul? The winds of change can help you sail faster to your next destination, but they can also create rough seas ahead that will put your entire ship in danger. Believe in yourself, stretch your limitations within reason, but jump head long into something you’re not ready to take on. Either through skill and ability, or through confidence and wisdom. If you falter now, you may not be able to correct the damage that gets done for a long time to come.

Use what you’ve learned, be calm and take a deep breath. Look at the details surrounding the gifts that come your way and decide which category of creation they fall into. If they’re free and clear; pat yourself on the back and accept the reward. You worked hard for it. If they come with conditions, take a few moments or even a day to decide if you’re ready, willing and able to take those on as well. If the conditions are long-term life changing, take as much time as you need to make a decision. But make sure there’s not a time limit on the offer.

You might discover that the details are exactly what you’ve been hoping for and your whole plan has come together. That’s great! Accept the gift with humble gratitude and make the most of it. Set a new plan and reach for the next goals in your list. If you decide the details and attachments are more than you’re willing to give, or that you’re not comfortable with the being pushed into a role you’re not ready to take on, than give your humble thanks and return the gift with kindness. It’s ok to say I’m not ready, just make sure you’re saying from a place of confidence and not allowing fear to rule over the opportunity you’ve waited for.

Don’t be afraid to discuss the details though. You might feel you’re not ready to move forward into a role with higher demands and responsibilities. But those who have been teaching or training you, may have plans for you to grow into the role. With their help, this could be exactly the opportunity for you. But you’re never going to know, if you don’t communicate and express your apprehension.

As with all things, be careful what you ask for, you might actually get it. So be sure it’s what you want and more importantly, what you need. If you’ve been going to slow in your journey, the Divine Universe might be trying to push you along and get you out of the rut. Each situation is going to be different, so take time to examine what’s really going on and make a well-informed decision. The choice is up to you!

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