Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Five of Cups

5 of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Stop crying over spilt milk. You can’t change the past and wallowing in self-pity is not going to fix the consequences of your actions. What’s done is done. And you haven’t lost everything. You still have blessings to be thankful for and you still have options to move things forward and into a better situation. Pick yourself up and start working with what you have, instead of focusing on what you lost. Could be, you needed to get rid of the old, to make room for the new!

Additional Insight:

You cannot change the past. You can only change the way you allow the past to affect your present and your future.” ~ © 1989 Springwolf  🐾

Some of the mistakes you make, that push away something you’ve longed for, maybe situations you’ve needed to go through for a long time. Losing what you want is hard. But sometimes you have to lose something in order to make room for what you need. And what you need is often much better and maybe bigger.

We all have a path to follow and a timeline to get it done. When we fight against the tide and slow things down too much, the Divine Universe has a way of kicking us in the pants to move things along. So dwelling on the past and what has already gone under the bridge, will only drag things out even more. Don’t make things worse by trying to hold onto what you’ve already lost. It’s time to let go and move forward.

Looking forward can be as easy as turning away from what you’ve gone through. Box up the old “stuff” that reminds you of what was there. Replace the sorrow with images of inspiration and the future and the dreams you desire to attain be your focus. Set your sights on learning from your mistakes. Allow those lessons to remind you of what not to do in the near or distant future. Take your lesson to the next level and build on what you’ve gone through, like a stepping stone across the river.

Right now your river might be turbulent and filled with treacherous rapids. Or this maybe nothing more than a bump in the stream. Which stepping stone it is for you, all depends on how you look at it and how you allow it to affect your day and the rest of your life.

Finish off the final tears this morning and then set about standing back up and Walking Your Talk©! Lesson learned, new adventures await, exciting new plans are to be defined and put into place. What’s past is past and the future is open to possibilities, freedom and your opportunities to fly high! Now get to it!

Additional Reading For Today:

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I am at peace and live in the moment with all the prosperity and abundance I require!

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