Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Four of Swords – Inverted

Four of Swords - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Aren’t you tired of the conflict and angst? Do you really have to wake up with an attitude of putting on your armor and being ready for today’s battle? You are the one who can change that. By changing your attitude and thoughts, you force others to change how they relate to you. If you refuse to walk onto the battlefield as the aggressor or as the defender they have no one to fight with. Clear your energy, shield your mind/body/spirit and refuse to be baited. It will take the greatest control over your emotions to accomplish it; but you can do it!

Additional Insight:

By changing your attitude and thoughts, you force others to change how they relate to you. If you refuse to walk onto the battlefield as the aggressor or as the defender they have no one to fight with.

Go within and find your place of solitude. Take 5 minutes to push out the anxiety and stress. See the gray and black negativity being pushed out of your whole being. Then connect to the Divine in your life and allow that energy to flow into you replacing the negative with positive white and pink energy.

Allow that energy to expand within your being, moving outside your physical body and creating a white shield of Divine protection. When someone verbally attacks you, see their negativity bounce off your shield and dissipate so it cannot cause harm to anyone else. Don’t respond to the anger. Don’t give back as good as you get. Let it bounce off you like a dart bounces off a dart board. Close your ears to the nasty comments, the slamming coffee cup, the stomping feet. All that belongs to the aggressor and is not part of your energy.

But at the same time you must take accountability for your own actions that feed the angst and anxiety. What anger and accusatory words you have delivered. It’s not going to change in 1 hour or half a day or maybe even over night. It’s going to take control, commitment and change on your part as well as those around you. Everyone is accountable for the battle. No one fights alone. So stand up and be honest with yourself and face the hard truths about your part in the war. Then let it go and change your actions.

If you feel you need to proclaim your new space, than simply make the announcement “I’m tired of being angry all the time. I’m sorry for my actions and words that have fed this fight. I will not participate in arguing  or yelling any longer.” then walk away. There’s no need to say anything else or point fingers or demean anyone for their actions. Simply breath deep, think of your Divine connection and empower your shield to walk away. 

You decide how you’re going to feel and react. Others don’t control your emotions unless you allow them to. Hold yourself in Divine Love, Compassion and Kindness and you’ll be able to express those energies to others who desire conflict and battle. By showing compassion, you can turn everything around.

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