Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Two of Pentacles –

Two of Penacles

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Walking the path alone may mean the burdens are harder to carry. But if you don’t give into their struggle you will grow stronger. Don’t allow the perspectives of others to put you down or demean your confidence. You have endured where many others would have failed. Allow your strength to carry your load and reap the benefits as the bounty expands and grows. It’s your reward, you should be the one who decides what happens with it.

Additional Insight:

Everyone deals with the struggles in life differently. Some have struggles that are greater or more dire than others. Some look down their nose at those going through long lasting struggle versus those of immediate unexpected trauma. Some feel ostracized or cast aside because their struggles aren’t about life and death, but are about survival just the same.

Regardless of the issue, many people feel alone and left burdened with no support of any kind. They feel degraded, demeaned or unworthy of help, friendship or support. It’s the lowest of lows and yet they endure and move on through each day trying to survive. Where “no” becomes a common response in their daily conversation.

Those who face long lasting challenges with hope, no matter how small, and do their best not to allow their struggles to turn into bitterness or anger,  build strength of character both in who they are as a person and in spirit. It’s easy to give into the negative emotions and jaded views that hardship can create. But it’s through this exercise of positive perspectives that they attain the greatest gift of hardship, confidence and self love.

When the struggle comes to an end, it’s through this courage of character that will bring them out of darkness.  Yes they may walk past those who spurned their friendship. They may ignore the new judgements of who they have become by others who have not known their struggle. As they walk with new abundance, they may look the other way from those seeking false reunion. Leaving the pretend friendships in the past.  But they earned the right to make their own choices and to celebrate their success with pride. And more importantly with who they choose to celebrate with. The gift of strength and confidence gives each of us the right to control our own destiny and to celebrate the success of living through it in the way we choose.


Remember how you treat those in your life who are struggling through long lasting issues maybe more important than how much charity you provide to a stranger in another state who may have gone through a natural disaster. Both are worthy of your kindness and support. Both desire respect and dignity. It maybe hard for you to face the long standing challenge. It maybe hard to be reminded of the tragedies in every day life. It maybe depressing and annoying. But sometimes your friendship is all they really want. Someone to talk to, someone to share a moment that takes their mind off their hardships. Maybe even someone they can simply vent to and get it out of their system. They may not want anything more from you, or ask something of you. They simply want someone who can look at them with respect when they see them, instead of pity or foreboding. How many people have you stopped speaking to because they’re no longer in your “class” or “clique” because they fell into hard times? What does that say about you?

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