Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Five of Swords

Five of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t blame others who have nothing to do with your problem. They can’t fix it. Rumors are swirling around like a Tornado. But as with all rumors, they’re rarely accurate or true. If you have an issue with someone, it’s best to ask them directly instead of helping to spread the falsehoods. Whether their good or bad, lies can harm people and reputations through unknown consequences. Don’t be part of chaos. Be part of the solution.

Additional Insight:

Managing your actions by rumor is the worst thing you can do in life. Even if those rumors aren’t about you directly, they could impact you emotionally and perhaps physically if you allow yourself to believe them. Don’t live your life on lies. Show your strength and belief in yourself by standing up to rumor and innuendo. You maybe glad you did for the entire month of May!

If you want to know something, go to the source and tell them you heard this or that and want to know if it’s true because it affects you. Or let someone know rumors are going around and you want to make them aware of it. If it’s true, then you may want to offer compassion and help. If it’s not, you want to do your part to stop the rumors.

Always check the facts first. Don’t be a social media “forward participant”. It’s so easy to spread lies, misconceptions and falsehoods through Twitter, Facebook and through every other digital media outlet.

If you see a story online that seems amazing in a good or bad way, research the story before you hit that forward button. It’s easy to type in elements of the story in a search engine and look through legitimate news agencies for the same story. If you can’t find the story through news reports, then there’s a good bet it’s not true. So when you forward the story, you can make note that it’s false and an internet rumor. Go the extra step and search for the story on, who tracks and follows up on many of the false topics spreading through the world.

Don’t be seen as the gullible person who can’t keep their mouth shut about anything. Don’t be the gossip-monger who wants to spread the latest rumor and appear to be “in the know”, when it may turn out to be false and untrue. You will gain more respect by being the person who is reliable, honorable, trustworthy and can keep a confidence. Leave the rumors behind and manage your life on the facts.

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