Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Seven of Wands – Inverted

7 Of Wands: Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Compassion eases the beast of anger and negativity. You can react to those who are angry and frustrated by sharing their emotions; or you can ease their pain by showing compassion. If you join in their suffering, you will only extend their emotions into your world and create problems you don’t want or need. If you attempt to show compassion, hold out a hand and lift them up; you may find you’re picking yourself up as well.

Additional Insight:

We create what we express. Don’t allow the emotions of others to control your thoughts, responses and actions. You have enough of your own frustration going on, you don’t need to pile onto it by allowing others to feed your fears; nor do you need to feed theirs.

There’s a time to share struggles as a release to let go of some of your frustration. But this should be done in a controlled environment where others can share their compassion and provide positive ideas, comfort and solutions to your woes. Simply commiserating with others creates an environment of energy that attracts more of the same and pulls you both (or all) down further than you are.

If you can create a cone of power for positive actions (such as healing), than you can create the same cone of power for sending out and receiving back negative actions. Even if you don’t realize you’re doing it.

The Divine Universe has a way of helping you move the negative influences out of your life if you will allow it to happen. That computer crash could be the Divine’s way of pushing you away from negative influences. The loss of a Twitter account maybe pushing you away from negative influences. Losing a job that you know was in jeopardy could be pushing you out of a bad situation and forcing you toward something better. If you continually fight against it and continue old patterns that you refuse to let go of, you will only feed the beast and increase the negativity around you. So don’t forget to listen to that inner voice that tells you to walk away, avoid this person or that situation, to move onto a new job or living situation.

Decide today what kind of year you want to have and change your thinking. Create an Affirmation to Evolve The Spirit within and repeat it out loud each morning. Paste to your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, your favorite cup for coffee or tea. Make a sticky note for your car’s dashboard, or to stick on the side of your PC. Add it to the start page of your computer, or to a local home page on your browser.  Put everywhere you want or need to so that you see it at least once a day, or several times a day. Remind yourself that you’re starting this year with a new positive attitude and a real concerted effort to change things for the better.

Springwolf Reflections 2013 Motto:
I attract more happiness and financial abundance than I know what to do with!

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