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Do Something & Share Your View

email-lostComplaining on FB and Social Media Doesn’t Get It Done

Whatever your position is on Syria, make your voice count instead of merely talking about it on social media. You can share stories, post tweets, rant and rave on message boards. But those communications do nothing to express your view to your Congressional Representatives or the White House. Get involved and do something about how you feel so that it makes a difference.

You can make your view count by contacting your representatives in Congress. If you don’t know how to do that, you can email them through their contact forms.

To email the President you’ll need to fill out the White House Contact Form.

To find your Congressional representatives, go to their websites at:
Find your Senator at senate.gov,
Find Your Congress-member at house.gov

Both congressional sites allow you to find your representative through a search in the top right hand corner of the page of each site.

I’m against military action and I urge others to support diplomatic efforts be exhausted before any violent action take place. If you need an example of what to send, try this:

To The Honorable (enter their name here)

As a constituent, I am writing to let you know that I oppose any military action in Syria.

I realize in today’s world violence against citizens by its government must be addressed. But the moral response is not to meet violence with more violence. Creative diplomacy is the best way to respond to the alleged use of chemical weapons. I urge you to work for a ceasefire, to pressure Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, and Turkey, to halt the flow of weapons, and to pressure Russia and Iran to do the same.

You name

I hope you’ll take time to get involved and make your voice heard.

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Writing Your Thesis Or Dissertation

How To Get Started And Organize

Writing Your Thesis or Dissertation

Academic Rewards

As a student of higher education, I’m often asked for help in writing a Master’s Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation. At the end of March I will be discussing this very topic with students of the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona. Being a blogger, getting my thoughts down on paper tends to lead to writing an article here on Reflections. So let me share what I’ve learned and what I tell my students who are facing these projects. 

Get Your Requirements:
One of the hardest things about starting a writing project is getting motivated when you don’t know where to start. Sometimes the best thing to do is simply put the steps into motion and get ready. Each University system has its own requirements for the format of your thesis or dissertation. Most provide a template or written instructions. So step one, find out what’s required for your institution.

With your instructions in hand, conduct a search online for completed and approved essays from others in your University system. Seeing how someone else “did it” can be a great example for what you need to do. Now I’m not saying plagiarize their work! All you’re doing is looking for how they formatted their essay and what they put in each required section as an example for what you will need to cover. Continue reading