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2021 New Year’s Motto

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The Year Long Affirmation

If you’ve followed my blog for more than a year, you probably know I don’t make New Years Resolutions. Who keeps those self “promises” anyway? I’ve always thought of resolutions as goals that set you up to fail. Not as a positive way to start a new year.

My first motto was designed to do nothing more than get me through days of frustration at work.  The experience proved to me, that the Motto idea was so much better than a Resolution. Because it’s there when you need it most.

I’m big on affirmations and that’s basically what the Annual Motto is. A yearly affirmation that’s there when you need to remind yourself that being Mindful of your thoughts will do you more good than not.

How you feel and think at a given moment, sets up your day, week, month, year and even your life. So why not help your thought process stay positive, when those tough situations come up during the year. This is the foundation of Mindfulness and it’s the easiest way to turn your thoughts around, when you’re facing challenges. Continue reading

Time To Write Your Abundance Check 01/2021

wolfmoneyNew Moon Energy Reminder

The New Moon this month occurs on
Wednesday, January 13h, 2021 at 12:00am EST.

My friend Rev. Lyn Williams sends out a reminder every month on FB to Write Your Abundance Check.

I think many of us could use this, so I’d like to share it with you. It’s a great way of putting your hopes, faith, dreams or desire for abundance into physical action.

Moon energy isn’t precise. Remember the original Pagan practitioners weren’t blessed with today’s technology and the U.S. Naval Observatory. Their calendars were originally based on a Lunar Calendar, which also wasn’t as accurate as the calendars we use today. So don’t let the technology and precision dampen your efforts to work with the energy of the Moon.

Typically Energy from the moon begins 3 days before the height of the phase and lasts for 3 days after. If the New Moon occurs at 12pm on Wednesday, the energy would begin 3 days prior on Sunday and will last until the Saturday after. Of course the closer to the height of the phase, the stronger the pull from the Moon on the Earth, so the stronger the energy is. But don’t panic if you missed that exact moment.

I love Rev. Lyn’s ritual, but I did change it a little to implement some Pagan specific perspectives. If you need some abundance in your life, give it a try. You’ll find the full step-by-step ritual here: Sunday Homily: Writing Your Abundance Check.

Enjoy the ritual!

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