Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Swords – Inverted

Knight Of Swords - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Be proud of what you have achieved. Your survival  has taken strength and fortitude to win the battles you’ve faced. It’s not been a little thing that you’ve accomplished. So don’t let others diminish your achievement. Learn from what you’ve done. Know that you are stronger than you think you are. You have faced the worst of things and now you’re on the verge of victory.  Hold on to that and rise up with pride.

Additional Insight:

Two cards fell out when I was pulling the card for Thursday. Usually I take the first card and provide the reading for the day. But this message didn’t seem right to me for some reason. So I decided to pull the 2nd card and provide a second message for the day as well. So this is 1 of 2.

Others may see you as being under water, living in the darkness of hardship and struggle. But you know better. The Raven brings change, magik and signals the end of this chapter in your life. You’ve gained strength, knowledge and wisdom that otherwise might not have been acquired. You’ve learned lessons that will carry over to the rest of your life. And when things happen that seem monumental to others, you know how small and easy they are to face.

As you transition from the old to the new, you will become the one who people look to for guidance and support. Don’t be afraid to give some of that wisdom back to those who seek your counsel. Remember how you felt when things seemed to be falling apart. Share your experiences and help others to not make the same mistakes you did. You have the ability to do it with compassion and kindness. Which you already know will go much further than the self deprecating thoughts that were shoved into your thinking.

It hasn’t been easy, but you got through it. You learned and soon enough it will be your time to teach. You’ll do a much better job at supporting others than what was given to you. You’ll be able to build others up instead of degrading their choices and the tiny bits of hope and happiness they may have to hold onto. You have the opportunity to do it right and pass on the love and compassion that weren’t afforded to you from those you turned to and needed in your corner the most. Because you are the reflection of how you see yourself. Not how others want to see you, in the muck, mud and darkness. They only want to keep you there, so they feel better about their own choices and mistakes.

That’s what learning and experience can do for us. It can help us make things better for others as we all walk into the future of tomorrow. It makes you stronger and gives you the ability to endure the things you never thought you’d get through. Well you’ve gotten through them. You survived. You are the beautiful person inside and out that you’ve hoped to be. No one can ever take that away from you. Believe it and others will believe it too.  Be proud of yourself for making it. Stand up tall and never sell yourself short. Become the teacher.

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