Happy Irish Pride Day

Irish Cream by Anna Ignatieva

Irish Cream by Anna Ignatieva

Celebrating The Emerald Isle

Today many pagans see March 17th as a day of anger against a Catholic Priest who practiced genocide upon the pagans of Ireland. Much of this angst is over blown and not really based in historical evidence and fact.  But the idea that St. Patrick drove the snakes (pagans) out of Ireland, still exists and brings up passionate displeasure toward the observance of this Priest.

As with all things, this day has evolved and changed in meaning over time. It’s no longer solely celebrating the life of a Catholic Priest who was promoted to Sainthood. It has become much more secular and is celebrated by people in many religions and faiths. Here in the America’s at least, it’s more about Irish Pride than a religious observance.

To learn more, read about Why Pagan’s Don’t Celebrate St. Paddy’s day. And if you’re Pagan and Irish, honor your heritage by donning the green of the Emerald Isle and raising a toast to the ancient Clans of Ireland.

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