Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Cups

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti  - Knight of Cups

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Choose the path forward carefully. You don’t need to make things harder on yourself. Take the high road and you’ll have a straight line to where you need to be. Take the low road and you’ll be moving in and out through the pit holes that can derail your goals. Victory comes from being virtuous.

Additional Insight:

Don’t let the weeds of fear, anxiety or anger get in your way, They will only drag you down further and snip at your ankles causing more problems that you don’t need. Rise up out of the gloom and see the light ahead.

You have things to do. Don’t put them off. You have tasks that must be done. Don’t procrastinate and put them last on the list. This time they really are the imperative component of the day. Don’t “make” time for those items. Put them on top and make time for the other things.

Virtue is the behavior of taking the high moral ground. That doesn’t mean being judgmental of others. It means accepting others for what they are and what they do. But refusing to follow in their nay-sayer footsteps. It means not only doing what’s right for you, but thinking and saying what’s right as well.

Don’t spend the day regretting what you should have done, could have done or what you said. You can’t take that energy back once it’s out there. You made promises and commitments. Make the effort to get them done or you’ll falter and continue the struggle.

Even if you’re busy, remember what you said you’d do. The all mighty dollar is not as important as those you love. So if you made a promise to your family, that is top priority today. And if you’re spending too much time with the one you love, you might need to get your passion under control and focus on the job.  Too much of anything isn’t a good thing. So strive hard for balance today.

Work on what’s important and imperative! Do what needs to get done today! Those who watch over you will help. This isn’t something that’s selfish or self-centered. It impacts many of those around you. So align your energy with that Divine Force in your life and you’ll find the balance that’s needed for the day. 

Remember the deadline isn’t one they chose in an arbitrary fashion. Don’t be upset with the limited time frame. It’s actually going to work in your favor. But only if you hurry up and get your part of the task complete. Focus on it and get it done, or do a little bit through out the day. But by close of business, make sure you have what’s needed complete and sent off to who it needs to go to.

Stick to your promises! It’s the only thing that’s going to carry you along to the easy path. By Friday you’ll be able to relax and take that weight off your shoulders. Things are going to be ok. But there’s stuff you must do, in order to make it happen.

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