Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The High Priestess – Inverted

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti - The High Priestess II - Inverted

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Dive in, the water is fine. Don’t be afraid of the things that might go wrong. Be excited about all the things that might go right. The future is not set in stone. Your choices and your thoughts create what lay before you. Take a chance and give your self the opportunity to discover what kind of person you can become when you dance your own dance. Dream your dream and give yourself the chance to create it in reality.

Additional Insight:

Beneath the surface you’re fun, ambitious and whimsical. It’s ok to let those characteristics out for all to see. Don’t be afraid of being foolish or being laughed at. So what if others don’t understand. You’re not living in their “box”. Don’t let them define you. Put fear aside and dance your way into happiness and success. For your dance holds the magik that can make dreams come true.

Let yourself be who you really are and stop trying to be what others expect you to be. Allow yourself the freedom to take a chance on you. Those who refuse to be by your side, aren’t good enough to have you in their lives anyway. Let their baggage stay with them, while you move on to greater adventures.

You’re more than willing to give others that freedom and accept them for who they really are. Why not give that same trust and love to yourself? You can create your own fun and excitement all by yourself. Be your own best friend and enjoy the rest of your life. You’ll meet some exciting new people along the way.

You may discover that you can overcome more obstacles with a change in attitude, than with brute force. Flow with the waters and let the current take you where you need to be. Instead of constantly fighting against the tide and trying to push your journey in a direction it’s not meant to go. Let open the dam that’s been holding you back and have the courage to ride the waves. Take in the sights, meet the locals, discover the hidden gems in the world around you.

By changing your attitude and being yourself, you’ll affect bigger changes than you might imagine. Those you need to step up and do their part will finally come through. The doors that were closed will swing open and welcome you in. All because you took the chance to be yourself and let go of the fear that’s been keeping you caged in.

Go ahead and let yourself live the life of faith that leaps over the fire, instead of struggles through it. Be the guide that climbs mountains, explores the depths and spreads your wings to fly. Take a chance on you. Because your dance is just as lovely as the next persons. And you deserve to live the dream of your life too. You just have to be willing to jump right in and live it.

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