Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Five of Swords – Inverted

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti - Five of Swords - Inverted

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Don’t hold on to the old hurts. They’re weighing you down and keeping you from letting go and becoming free. Anger does nothing but keep you tired and constantly exhausted. It’s not giving up, or losing the battle. It’s taking control of your life back from those who have wished you harm. Stand up, lay down the weapons of war and move beyond the dark angst to healing and higher growth.

Additional Insight:

Winning the day doesn’t have to be achieved through constant fighting and battles. It’s not violence that wins the war over time. It’s brains and strategy, not brawn. Your resources to fight have been weakened and you’re constantly at odds with everyone and everything around you. It really is time to step off the battlefield and let the skirmishes end.

By allowing others who aren’t on your side to control your emotions and reactions, you’re giving them power over you. Forgive yourself for the part in the war you played. And yes, you do have actions you’re accountable for in some regard. Take responsibility for those and forgive yourself for playing a part in those events.

You don’t need to hold others accountable for their actions. They won’t escape the karma they have created on their path of choices. Trust me, there’s nothing an enemy hates more than a person who won’t engage in their battles for supremacy. They can’t stand being  a non-factor and being ignored. But when you forgive and release the hurt, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Don’t give them one more single thought and over the next couple of weeks, they will lose their grasp over your life.

Then let it all go. Water under the bridge that you can’t hold on to and you can’t undo. So why waste your time trying. Guilt won’t fix the issues. Anger will make it worse. Fighting will only lengthen the struggle. But compassion and forgiveness will overcome the darkness and allow you to step into the light of forward motion.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Wipe the slate clean and start over from here. You’re the only one who can. Simply make the decision to stop and act on it. When you start to fall back on the old thoughts; simply stop yourself. Wash them away with a gentle wave that clears the sand of any sign of disturbance. Give kindness and caring to yourself first and you begin the process of healing. Through the forgiveness you reclaim your power to make your own decisions. To move on and to release the negative thoughts that have held you down.

You can rise above to see the forest and it’s beautiful canopy from above. Let the greenery cover the scorched earth beneath it’s beautiful leaves and shade the past where it no longer serves you well. Bask in the warm glow of the light and allow yourself to be lifted and caressed in love and clear sight. See the past for what it was, experience that brought you opportunities to learn, to grow and to move on beyond the negative. You’ll be glad you did.

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