Religious Freedom vs Rights Of Conscience

Patriotic Wolf - Artist Unknown

Patriotic Wolf – Artist Unknown

Press Release – March 31, 2015

Everyone at Spring’s Haven and Springwolf Reflections are disappointed by the recent legislation passed in Indiana. We do not embrace nor participate in any form of exclusion or intolerance.

We strongly support the ideas and concepts set forth by our Founding Fathers and echo the sentiments of President Thomas Jefferson who felt there should be a “high wall between church and state” in the support of Civil Rights of all religions. Consequently we support Virginia’s 1776 Religious Freedom law. – Religious Freedom in Virginia.

But this cannot be confused with the modern “Rights of Conscience” laws being brought forth in State Congressional Houses today. A similar law as vetoed in Arizona last year and we admire and respect the State Governor for standing up to bigotry and discrimination.  We hope the Governor of Arkansas will do the same when a similar bill comes up for confirmation. And we implore our own state of Virginia NOT to pass HOUSE BILL NO. 1414 Offered January 14, 2015.

As a spiritual organization we respect the beliefs of others, and we open our doors to all who enter in peace and compassion, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, religion or sexual identity. We welcome you with open arms and friendship.

These “Rights of Conscience” laws are divisive and generate intolerance and hate. Don’t we have enough hate in the world in the name of religion already? Nor do they support the doctrine of those who claim religious standing to love they neighbor, to walk in peace in the light of Yahweh or Jesus. This type of discrimination goes against the very teachings of Christian scripture.

what would jesus do?

End the hate and intolerance. Respect your neighbor and the choices they make in their lives. You don’t have to live as they do. But hate them for being different. For that is the way of darkness and evil. It’s not the path of light where grace of the divine beacons you to shine.

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© 2015 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


4 thoughts on “Religious Freedom vs Rights Of Conscience

  1. The reason for the necessity of this Law is that people are losing the right and freedom to have their own beliefs

    The Gay Community has become bullies if you don’t think like they do or believe what they do the Gay Community has attacked condemned and taken those who oppose them to court

    This Law is 20 years old going into law by the Democrats and President Bill Clinton in 1993 I don’t recall hearing anyone complaining about that

    I live by and through Nature if Nature planned on 2 of the same gender joining in a Union, Nature would have given them the ability to reproduce otherwise we would cease to exist

    • My friend, I couldn’t disagree with you more.
      No one has lost their right to their own beliefs. Certainly not the 90% Christian majority of the United States. This law was and is pointless as it does nothing to provide protection for anyone. All it does is allow businesses to discriminate and to use that as a valid legal defense. There’s great debate in the legal community if that defense would be a winning argument against the Bill of Rights and the Constitution itself.

      The LGBT community has been forced to fight for their civil rights when the rest of society enjoys the fundamental human rights to love who they choose. Their legal battles are no different the legal battles enacted by African Americans and Women who also were forced to fight for rights afforded to others. The “bullies” are those who think they have a right to oppress those different from them out of ignorance and bigotry.

      The Religious Freedom Restoration Act applies to all religions, but is most pertinent to Native Americans. It was designed and intended to protect Native Americans in the exercise of their spiritual rites, such as the use of peyote and holding worship on certain lands that are deemed sacred to tribes. It was never intended to be used as legal discrimination. The Supreme Court also deemed the law unconstitutional to States rights and narrowed the application of the law to the Federal Government specifically. So Native Nations have the right to exercise rites on lands that are known as sacred to Native Americans, but maybe owned by the Federal Government. So yes there were a lot of people complaining and it went to the Supreme Court for resolution.

      As for living by Nature and natural laws, as of 1999, about 500 species, ranging from primates to gut worms, have been documented engaging in same-sex behaviors. This may include sexual activity, courtship, affection, pair bonding, and parenting among same-sex animal pairs. The National Geographic foundation believes that number to be much higher, and suggests the limitation is based on the lack of research and not the lack of the behavior. So I’m sorry, but Nature has provided the opportunity for same gender unions since the dawn of time. You don’t see them condemning each other and degrading each other over who they love. That’s purely a human thing.

      • Well my friend…we’re not talking plants or animals but rather humans who cannot reproduce by same gender unions…by scientific research that claim is now closed

        Not all Americans believe in gay unions and that is and should be most definitely their choice but the gay community won’t have it and insist that every American believe their way or be persecuted by them

        Every American has their right to believe as they choose and do business with whom they choose

        After all we are a free nation

        Just one more thing and I’m done with this…

        Many gay businesses title the word “gay” in the name of their business

        e.g. Gay Tom’s Florist
        Gay Mike’s Hair Salon

        Letting the area know it is a gay business and they choose to do business with gays only and do turn their noses up to all others that walk through their business door and will not service those not gay

        And that is their right

        But I don’t hear any complaints about that

      • Again I disagree. But let me add a thank you for being brave enough to share your views and opinions with respect. I do appreciate it. And I appreciate the opportunity to discuss the issue. Thank you.

        Everyone has a 1st Amendment right to believe as they choose. But they don’t have the right to enforce their belief on others that limits the rights of those individuals or groups of people. I have no problem with people who have made the choice to see LGBT life styles as something they don’t agree with. I do have a problem when those perspectives impact the civil rights of those who are LGBT. Freedom means freedom for all and that includes LGBT people.

        I know many LGBT people who have businesses and only 1 uses the word Gay in the title of their business. And since her name is Gay, I think that’s ok. But I see no difference in doing that and a business using Christian Book Store or the Store of Christ in their titles. Surely they are catering to a specific group of people. But when I as a Pagan walked into the Christian Book Store looking for a specific Ministerial book and made mention to the owner who helped me find it that I was Pagan, she didn’t ask me to leave her store. She helped me and we had a really great conversation and left giving each other blessings and good wishes.

        Those businesses who do choose to turn their noses up at others, regardless of which side their on will eventually lose business and end up going out of business. That’s their choice and typically what happens when you disrespect people. Business is often a word of mouth thing and those that discriminate won’t last long. In my humble opinion. One cannot complain about the disdain of Gay business practices and yet attempt to promote the same disdain from Christian business practices. It’s either both have the right, or neither do. And that’s the point of these laws. It’s an attempt to legalize discrimination.

        As for not hearing complaints about the other side, they’re out there. We choose to hear what we want to hear sometimes.
        Many blessings to you.

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