Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Five of Swords

Five of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Take accountability for your actions and be responsible for your deeds. Start the year off by making an effort to be in control of your world, instead of ignoring those things you don’t want to deal with. If it’s a person, maybe it’s time to move the negative out and allow room for the positive to enter. If it’s a situation, take it head on and implement the solutions you’ve already devised. This is your year to take charge of your life.

Additional Insight:

Swords bring the message of strength or struggle. Start the year off by empowering yourself to rule your world. Don’t let hidden agendas, the secrets of others, or the manipulation of those who think they know what’s best for you, to lead your journey. Time to get back to work and make it a Happy Year.

Be accountable for your actions and make a concerted effort to learn all the facts before you make a decision. This is not the time to allow others to “tell” you what’s what. Find out for yourself. Do the research and discover the information without bias. You may find things are not as you’ve been told.

Even those who act innocent or seem forth-right in their cause can spin a tale to their advantage. Don’t become one of their pack and join their ranks. Keep a look out for the little parasites that try to invade your domain. They want to ride on your coat tails and feed off your hard work and energy.

You’ve done a lot work last year getting things turned around. Now it’s time to stand up and protect you domain from those who want to hold you back, or live off your work without contributing in their own right. Stop the negative self talk, stop telling yourself you need the negative influence or you’re afraid to let go and face the unknown alone. Stop all the doubt and start believing that the Divine is trying to guide you to the better life you’ve asked help with.

If you want the positives, you may have to let go of the negatives and make room for better things to enter. Get this year going on the right foot, go it alone at first and research the information that needs to be attained before you start making decisions for your own life. Allow yourself to exercise your well deserved empowerment. Live your life for you. After all, you’re the only one who can truly make YOU happy and secure.

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