Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Cups

Knight Of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Be vigilant. You’ve made great progress and achieved many goals, but you’re not finished yet. You can’t hand off your chores to others and be done with it. To be in control of YOUR life, you must stay involved and provide oversight to the tasks at hand. Don’t micro-manage. You’re still the one who is accountable for the work going on in your name. So make sure you know what’s going on, or at the very least, what the current status is. Your remaining tasks need your energy to continue to flourish and manifest in a timely fashion that’s good for you!

Additional Insight:

While the big battles are completed and you’ve managed to reach the top of the mountain, you’re not at the summit yet. The plateau you’ve reached has provided a little time to relax and regain your strength. But there is still a little further to go, before you reach the pinnacle of your particular mountain. A few more tasks to clear and turn around as you walk across the very top, need to be completed.

So stay vigilant, keep focused on your list of things to do and don’t put things off till the very last moment. You’re still the one directing the path of your journey. Stay on top of it and get everything done that needs doing.  Then you’ll be able to cross the peak and enjoy the walk to the place of your dreams.

Take a little time to look back where you came from. You may see little skirmishes still going on for other people, and some you may know. It’s hard moving forward on your own, when you know what they’re going through and how hard the climb has been to get out of the fray.

Right now you can’t save anyone else, until you finish the tasks to save yourself. Stay focused and keep on top of your plans and efforts. The big vacation to truly wash the past off your back is coming. But you’ll prolong the struggle if you step back too far right now. So make sure you’re still doing what needs to be done. Those items that you’ve handed off to others, still require you to check in and pick up a status. Someone could be waiting on you to gather additional information, or they’re looking for an answer in the wrong places and need your guidance.

Don’t be contained, be the container!
Your method of travel can be an Armored car, guarded in constant fear,
or it can be a convertible with the top down, ready to fly free!
~ Springwolf 
 🐾 © 2014

If you don’t check in with others on your team, be they immediate family, friends, partners or who ever it maybe; you could end up slowing down the work that could force you to extend a deadline. Don’t lay back on that vacation yet. Let your past efforts, hard as they may have been, give you the confidence to keep moving forward and fighting for what you deserve. Don’t be contained, BE the container!

Additional Reading:


Don’t be contained, be the container!
I really love that quote!
Whenever I start feeling overwhelmed and the “No”s or the “You can’t”, “You don’t”, “You’re not”s all come together and build up against me, I tell myself “Don’t be contained, be the container!” It’s my life and I want what I want. The nay-sayers don’t know what they’re up against. If they won’t help me achieve, I’ll find another path over, through or around the mountain they’re trying to keep in front of me. Not even a Stone mountain can stand against the energy of water. It may take a little longer, but the flow of water can move mountains. And my container can unleash a flood when it’s needed and I’ll push through and make my own way to the other side. If I can do it my friend, so can you! So don’t be contained. Be your own container and let your magik loose on the mountain that blocks your path. Peacefully of course.  😉

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