Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Star

The Star

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Sit back and allow the flow to move freely to where you need to be. Things you can see in front of you will be guided by your plans. No need to worry about those. Things you can can’t see behind you will flow where they need to be. You can’t manage them, so let them move as they will. You’ll find both streams will merge as one and everything will be ok.

Additional Insight:

The streams that are moving behind you and impacting your fate can’t be managed or put under your control. You can’t direct the actions of others or the consequences they bring. But you seem to continue to worry about what others are doing and how you might be able to control the result. You can’t. But that’s not a bad thing. Why do you insist on focusing on the worst case scenario (see the note below).

The flow of water’s energy can be calm and gentle, bringing relaxation and peace through its peaceful sound of movement. Or it can flow all at once with a great roar and a force that destroys the embankment you’ve so carefully crafted to direct your course.

Be careful how you try to speed up the process. Trying to force the flow to move along faster can cause turmoil that churn up the waters and destroy the paths ahead. Yes you want to hurry up and get it done. Yes, you want decisions to be made and outcomes to be announced. But pushing those actions before they are ready will destroy parts of the landscape that you’d rather maintain as is.

What’s going on behind the scenes may take time to manifest and come to fruition in pieces. Better that the energy is revealed a little at a time, through multiple little creeks, so you are not impacted adversely all at once. Much of what’s happening isn’t about you. And if you try to push, you could turn the tide and make it about you with negative unwanted attention. And you may have too much of that negative attention already.

Be patient, rest in the calm serenity of your little place in the world. Everything happens for a reason in its right time and space. Allow these two waterways to come together in a gentle union. You won’t need to build a dam to hold back the tide, or keep the unknown from polluting your grand and beautiful river. Not everything that results from the unknown is a bad thing or negative decision that impacts you.

Stop imagining the worst and let the water wash over you to take away the negative image and unjust judgements. You’ll end up being the shining star as always. Your light will continue shining through the clouds and sparkling over the nurturing water. It’s going to be ok, because it already is ok! Be calm through the night. Don’t focus on the darkness. For you need the darkness in order to the beauty of the sparkling stars that light up the night sky. Focus on their light and let them provide the blanket of comfort and security.

Sometimes when we are in an intuitive state, something will grab our attention to add to the information we seek. As I typed that line “Why do you insist on focusing on the worst case scenario“, the digital photo album that sits next to my pc popped up a picture of a Raven and he grabbed my attention. Letting me know there’s more this than you realize. Visit Crow Magik and find out how his message fits with today.

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