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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knave of Cups


Knave Of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

The love standing behind you will provide the support needed for the events of today. You’ll find the strength to fight the little battles with ease. You’ll gain the help to nurture your actions that will bloom successfully and with ease. Remember to keep your cups upright and open to receive both the support and abundance that’s coming your way. By the end of the day you may find them filled with more than you thought there would be. Serve your mindfulness and pay attention to what you think, say and do. Make it a positive day and receive that positive in return.

Additional Insight:

The Knave can be a Servant to a noble, a young naive person, an apprentice learning and growing with wisdom. Today this is you. The one who serves your own spiritual and moral practices. Do you walk your talk? Or do you simply give it lip service?

Sometimes it’s easier for us to serve our ultimate actions and reactions when we’re alone. No one there to push buttons or fray nerves. The solitude can be great for times of introspection and reflection. Keeping our outlook positive and full of energy. But the true test of your talk, is left for when you walk that same path surrounded by others. This will be your test today.

Are you being open with positive energy and welcoming the positive change that’s coming your way? Or are you set in fear, scared to look around the corner at what’s coming next. You’re being supported by the Divine in your life, but also by those closest to you. The ones who are working hard for you, trying to be encouraging and be on your side simply because they love you. And because they want the same things you do. It’s not a time to let fear into your day and affect your mood, or turn your attitude against those trying to help.
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