Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Cups

Knight Of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

It’s not brute strength or brawn that wins the battles in life. It’s the calm thoughtful planning that overcomes challenges. Search for the answers you seek within and through good solid academic research. Avoid the fear-mongers, the nay-sayers and those who spin information to manipulate and control the message. Stick to the facts today and use your own good judgement to discover what’s accurate and what’s not.

Additional Insight:

Someone is trying to control the message and use misinformation to control your actions and responses. Make sure you do your research and discover all the facts of the topic before you react. It could be the key to winning a long standing battle or struggle.

Controlling the message is the first step to making a position popular and winning battle. But that doesn’t mean the message is right, factual or truthful. In today’s world everyone is spinning the message to say what they want it to say to control your opinion, emotions and actions. Don’t let them impose their ignorant half-true message of hate and fear upon you. Take responsibility for your thoughts and learn the truth before you choose sides in any debate.

Blind devotion of any kind is a dangerous thing. It gives away your free will and choice to those who want to control your thoughts and lead you down their path of grandeur. When their misinformation begins to fail, you won’t be able to point to them and say it’s their fault. You made the choice in the beginning to give them control over you, therefore it will be you who suffers the consequences of that blind devotion.

Cups remind us that the essence of energy is based in the Emotions and Apathy, Happiness and Despair, Abundance and Lack of ourselves and our little piece of the world. If you want to fill your cups with sweet nectar, you will have to work for it and remain above the troubled waters of apathy, despair and lack.

You are accountable for what you think, say and do. Make sure your actions are based on facts; not what someone else says is fact. Pictures can be altered. Videos can be edited. Someone can say the sky is orange a thousand times in a single day, that’s not going to change history or science and make it true. In these cases the messages given to you can appear to be proof of one thing to gain your favor. But their real message may be completely different. There’s nothing wrong with verifying a story and looking up a fact to see if it’s accurate.

Understand the issues and research beyond the commentary or rhetoric. These are not based in fact, but in one persons opinion or view of the matter. If it deals with work or your career, make sure you’ve researched the facts so you can present your argument from a place of fact, verified history or science. If it deals with the heart, don’t listen to gossip, go directly to the source and explain you were told this or that and you want to know what’s fact and what’s manipulation. If it deals with home and family, bring everyone together and discuss the situation to get at the truth.

Open and honest communication, self discovery and academic research are the only things that are going to overcome the conflict you’re facing without engaging in battle. Be smart about what you say and what information you use to back up your position. Don’t twist the evidence. Don’t be selective of the evidence. If you discover something you didn’t know and it conflicts with what you believed, then it maybe time for you to evolve your thoughts and alter your position. 

Don’t fall for the manipulation of others. Make the effort to research what you’re told. You have the Library of Alexandria at your finger tips; Use it!  Remain calm, collect data and devise your planned response accordingly. The valor of a knight comes from their ability to survey their surroundings, spot the deceptions and calculate the responses with clear vision and understanding of the battlefield. Rise up and be the Knight in shining armor within your world and you will win the battle you’re facing this week, or this month, and maybe even for the entire year. It’s your chance to overcome and win the entire war, don’t lose it on a technicality.

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