Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Be cautious and careful with who you trust and who you share information with. Someone around you is not what they appear to be. Being to trusting could get you hurt, even if its only an acquaintance you just met. Keep your private business private so you don’t provide any ammunition for them to twist around and use against you. You’ll be able to ride the tide, instead of being sucked into its undertow.

Additional Insight:

Someone new in your life has ulterior motives for engaging you. Their target may not be you, but rather someone you’re close to. Don’t allow them to make you a pawn in their game. Don’t let them trick you into sharing to much of yourself or someone you care about for the rest of the month.

Pay attention to your security settings online. Don’t share pictures that include you or show your activities outside of work in the public forum. Don’t give out your personal social media pages with people you’ve only just met. Even something as simple as a day at the beach could provide information to a stalker, a burglar or someone who’s looking for damaging information that could harm your position or someone close to you.

For some, your openness can be your worst enemy as you forget to use a little common sense with the stories and thoughts you share. Know your audience and remember the forbidden topics: Religion, Politics and Money! For others, your naive view that nothing bad can happen to you or yours may make you a target for those looking to get something for nothing. Both of these perspectives can open the doors for those who believe you have done something to them and they’re looking for revenge.

When balanced with a slight sense of skepticism, your openness and trust is more able to discover when someone is genuine and when someone is playing games at your expense. Don’t ignore those sixth senses. Be watchful and use your gut feelings. Listen to your first instincts about someone new who maybe trying to establish themselves into your life. There’s a con afoot and you want to protect what you have worked so hard to keep and manifest into your life.

No need to be mean, or stand-offish. Be careful you don’t treat others who are new in your life as a new enemy. Be kind, friendly and welcoming….to a point. You can be friends with someone new without spilling your guts and opening the flood gates of your personal and private life.

When this unseen adversary realizes you’re not a quick and easy mark, they’ll fade away and leave you alone into next month. The worry will be over and you’ll be able to return to your natural happy go lucky self. Stay close to your loved ones and long established friends. There’s a lot going on here in August to test your worthiness and if you’re watchful, you’ll pass with flying colors!

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